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Tough Problem With Blocking Websites and Programs

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by GTonic, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. GTonic

    GTonic Private E-2

    Let me first start by saying hi! My first post/thread here.

    Here's the situation. I'm an adult and I've been heavily addicted to videogames since the sega genesis was first released... Here I am at 5yrs old, it came with sonic 2 and my first time playing it I beat it on 1 try but I played 14 hours straight cuz I tried to get supersonic... then every ring in the game... and so on

    Anyway, this addiction ruined various parts of my life, and right now it's creeping back a little bit. I'm pretty computer savvy so I need some help from major geeks to defeat this problem.

    I need some way to block all gaming websites and anything related to gaming FOREVER. I need a way to block them completely on my computer with no turning back unless I reformat. I also shouldn't be able to switch a setting, I need something that is a permanent block and something good so I can't try to hack my way into it again. I mean... what's the best option?

    Also, I need to do this with .exe files such as games, I needs them to be blocked forever a no going back hack proof way so I can't snake my way back.

    I know I won't reformat, and I'm not buying another PC, so this will be forever. No trojans plz, is there a manual way through registry I can do it? I would prefer to do it all manually so I don't have to dl a program I don't trust. Any help at all would be great.

    Plz don't aide me with suggestions about playing less or just play in moderation, I'm quiting cold turkey... but for the 987123894th time lol... it's worse than smoking, I know this needs to happen, plz help!
  2. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member


    You could block any gaming websites using the Privacy > Sites option in IE or Firefox, however these are reversable as with virtually any other option, including adding sites to the Hosts file to stop them loading.

    Could give yourself a limited account that you cannot install any applications or if XP or Vista use perental controls to block items, but again these would be reversable by logging onto the admin account.

    For installable games, uninstall the game and give the CD away to a friend.

    But I know of no way that you could fully stop yourself from re-installing or changing the settings on the PC to allow games to be installed or view gaming sites, apart from get rid of PC or have massive will power to stop playing games, could get another hobby to take your mind off the games playing.

    But every option to block you in this will have the option to reverse the choices.
  3. GTonic

    GTonic Private E-2

    Ya know there are some viruses out there that don't allow you to reverse their damage. Perhaps I need some sort of custom program to act as a virus to do this. I don't know enough about programming to crack it, so I think that might be a good way to do it. Anyone have ideas pertaining this?

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