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trainer anno 1404

Discussion in 'Software' started by Martien, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Martien

    Martien Private E-2

    hi everyone
    i played anno 1404 now for a day and i like the game but it is more fun with a trainer:-D
    now i know to find trainers the only problem that they are not competible to my anno. (version 1.002)
    maybe somebody here knows a trainer that DO work with that version.
    don't mention cheathappens because that i already tryed and only the orginal retial version trainer i can get. best part yet. because of that i dint update for the trainer sake. guess what, i dint work either because my system disagree somehow.:( no error or intervention from my virusscanners. (shutdown complety do be sure of that, nope) so i update but of course the trainer absolutely dont work. who here has the wise wisdom to know where i can get a good working trainer?
    many thanks ahead

    EDIT: i just patch to 1.3
  2. lego126

    lego126 DJ's Geeky Dad

    I liked Anno as well. I pop it in everynow and then for a week or so at a time. :-D
    try this one out. This is the one I used.
    have fun and GL/ Be sure to post some views of your cities for all to view. Don't know if you have a production chain calculator or not but IT IS VERY HELPFUL, especialy at latter stages.here are the links for it.
    just enter then number of inhabitants you have of each class and it tells you the number of each buildings you need to sustain them.
  3. Martien

    Martien Private E-2

    thanks for the reply and i looked immediately in it.
    i like the website for the production calculator. THANKS!:)
    only the trainer i already have and use it already(i'm member of cheathappens)
    and there lay the problem..
    cheathappens don't have trainers for 1.3 because STEAM never had updated THERE version:***
    I looked now everywhare and i have found a new website next to cheaphappens with al kinds of trainers but also nothing.
    MG was my last hope of getting one for the updated game.:cry

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