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" Transferring address book and some word doc.files using Thumb Drive? "

Discussion in 'Software' started by rgarr, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. rgarr

    rgarr Private E-2

    I've got a nice little cruzer mini 1.0 GB put out by Scandisk that I've used before to transfer files onto it...just for storage... and it works fine.

    However, this weekend my sister-in-law wants me to transfer her address book and a few word doc. files from her old PC (Gateway) to her new PC (Dell). All the stuff she wants me to transfer is way less than 1 GB.

    I know how to extract the info from her old PC but once I plug the thumb drive into her USB slot on her new Dell I don't know how to get the old address book into her new address book and her 2 or 3 word doc. into her word program if there is such a way??? This is my question and where I need help! I appreciate and thank you for all your help in advance. Thank you!
  2. TheDoug

    TheDoug MajorGeek

    If you "exported" the address book to a file you brought over using the thumbdrive, you should be able to "import" it in much the same way, assuming the email programs on both computers are the same. Something like, in the email program: File -> Import -> Address Book, then point to the file on thumbdrive.

    As far as .doc files from Word, it's not really a matter of getting them "into" her Word program but rather of just copying them to the folder she uses to store her documents (typically My Documents).

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