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Trojan? Spyware? Dunno [HELP!]

Discussion in 'Software' started by CMach08, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. CMach08

    CMach08 Private E-2

    That's my HiJackThis file, before I begin my issue. :(

    Ok, seems my mom got on my pc a few days back and when I came back from my trip, my PC would not run World of Warcraft because some of the files were corrupt. I knew about this issue and knew it was some sort of virus, trojan, spyware, w/e. Just to play it safe I ran WOW Repair Kit to search the files to see if anything was corrupt, and it came back clean... So now for sure it's something wrong with my PC.

    Other symptoms I knew it is going wrong, I wanted to dl HiJackThis and put it into the search on google.com. I clicked on majorgeeks.com link to HiJackThis and it took me to Stopzilla? or something like that. I've been running the past few days AVG antispyware and nothing, I get some trojans repeatedly showing up, I delete and when I restart and rescan it'll just come back sometimes.

    HELP ME! :(
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  2. musksnipe

    musksnipe Guest

  3. CMach08

    CMach08 Private E-2

    Well, I went through the whole shabang of the article. Basically rebooted and my PC was working, I was not getting anymore game errors. I woke up this mourning, back to stage one. So I am going to run the whole thing through again and see what happens and post up logs.

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