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trouble connecting thourgh telnet using ubuntu 9.04

Discussion in 'Software' started by judoka, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. judoka

    judoka Private E-2

    i got ubuntu 9.04 installed but my telnet doesn't work. could it be that because i have cox communications as an isp and they use dchp that they don't let me have telnet? At the terminal i type ~$ telnet host port Is this the right way to connect. Can someone plese help me with this cause there is a site i really want to visit but firefox doesn't allow me the access to it for some reason and i'd like to get there through telnet. Thanks a lot for your help beforehand :cool
  2. judoka

    judoka Private E-2

    What do I type to connect when at the terminal i see telnet>
  3. BoredOutOfMyMind

    BoredOutOfMyMind Picabo, ICU

    Use this link
  4. judoka

    judoka Private E-2

    Thanks :)

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