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trying to access web site --strange situation

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by jackie2000, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. jackie2000

    jackie2000 Private E-2

    There is a website (actually it's a knowledge base site for my Hughes Satellite) that I can't access using Hughesnet but if I use dialup (haven't stopped that service yet), I can access it--very very slowly but it gets there. I already went through one level of cust support with no luck but the person didn't strike me as really knowledgeable--there's suppose to be a higher level of support contact me but I don't have high hopes. The site is customer,kb.hughesnet.com
    When I ping it, it shows but times out.

    What I really don't understand is why I can access the site with dialup. Any ideas on something I could check?. I can access all the normal sites I visit with no problems. I've only had the satellite service a short time and while it's not great, it sure beats dialup.

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