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Two users at once?

Discussion in 'Software' started by killmr, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. killmr

    killmr Private E-2

    Hey, i was wondering how do you get two users on the same computer on at once and be able to switch between the different users? i see my teachers at school do this all of the time, BTW its windows 2000 at school, and WINXP here, so i was wondering if you guys knew how to do that, and if you would mind sharin it here?
  2. foogoo

    foogoo Major "foogoo" Geek

  3. toehead410

    toehead410 Corporal

    In win xp its quite simple.

    Start >> Log Off >> Switch User
    Then Log on as the second needed user.

    To quickly switch, you can do the same thing or right-click the task bar, select Task Manager, click the Users tab, select the user you want to switch to. In each case, you will be prompted for the new user password (if there is one).

    Win 2000 may be similar, but I have used it very little recently, so I can not recall.
  4. killmr

    killmr Private E-2

    i now how to do that, but the tech admin just hits a combination of keys, and it switches from user to user, without having to go through the login again....like he has two users on at once, but somehow uses a combo of keys to switch without checking for the passowrd or anything, just going straight to the other users desktop
  5. snakefoot

    snakefoot Sergeant Major

    Maybe the keyboard,mouse,monitor is attached to a switch-box, so when pressing the key combination, then it switches to another machine.

    Here is a guide explaining how such a switch box works:

    KVM Guide

    P.S. Tried one of the KVM products, and I found it working but not that exceptional (Beep sound when switching couldn't be disabled, Keyboard shortcut made for switching between 2 machine, so when having 4 then one had press several time to get to machine 4)
  6. killmr

    killmr Private E-2

    no, trust me he wasnt, he did it from multiple computers in the building...
  7. Jerkyking

    Jerkyking Sergeant Major

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