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u torrent and NVIDIA Network Access Management tool.

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by mady, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. mady

    mady Private E-2

    I have this problem which stops me starting u torrent.
    It started with a message that there is a "latest version of u torrent is available would you like to install it"
    i clicked ok.
    it said i needed to upgrade my NVIDIA Network Access Management tool to the latest version i.e., 73.12 i did that too.
    but even now i get this following alert when i try to start u torrent.
    "You appear to be running version 67.96 of the NVIDIA Network Access Management tool.

    This version had known issues which may create problems with uTorrent.

    Please upgrade your NVIDIA software to at least version 73.12."

    can someone help please ?
  2. KingSteve

    KingSteve MajorGeek

    Try this in software forum. Youll most likely get some better help over there.
  3. cat5e

    cat5e MajorGeek

    I would say that you need to get rid of "NVIDIA Network Access Management tool".

    It known to create trouble in Networking, and it adds no real functional value to begin with.
  4. pacmanrulez

    pacmanrulez Private E-2

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