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unable to remove programs?

Discussion in 'Software' started by nyczmic, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. nyczmic

    nyczmic Private E-2

    i've recently noticed some new programs added in my Add/Remove programs list, but the ones that concern me are:


    when i click them they dont have a remove button at the right making me unable to remove them, and they dont have any additional info button either.
    could someone please enlighten me to what these are and how i can get rid of them?
  2. Ironsnipe

    Ironsnipe Private First Class

    Try programs like spybot, or adaware and see if they remove them. if not you may have to go to more extreme measures like formatting the system if they are malware.
  3. BirdBath

    BirdBath Sergeant Major

    Did you recently install a HP AiO (All in one) scanner, fax, printer?
  4. barge7

    barge7 Private E-2

    Birdbath might be onto something there, these sound like software thats installed with a printer of some sorts. Sometimes when there isnt individual removal buttons in add/remove programs, it means that they are part of a larger package (eg HP AIO Printing Kit or whatever..)
    See if you can find these programs in your Start - Programs folder, and see what they are grouped under. This might help you work out A/ where the software comes from and B/ What you have to uninstall to get rid of them.

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