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Discussion in 'Software' started by turntheradiooff, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. turntheradiooff

    turntheradiooff Private E-2

    Hi everyone
    Im currently running through the "READ & RUN ME FIRST. Malware Removal Guide" because i think i have some sort of... malware.

    I am unistalling all my antivirus programs except AVG, as instructed. However, when i try to uninstall my PC tools one (Spyware doctor) it says it cant because lacking the file "unins000.msg".
    I had a search on the internet and apparently i to get around this i have to re install then uninstall. the problem is... how do i re install it?
    ps i am not computer savvy!
  2. Kniht

    Kniht Sergeant

    If you are using the trial version of Spyware Doctor download the program again and install.

    You may want to try the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility Here
  3. turntheradiooff

    turntheradiooff Private E-2

    thanks for your reply. however...

    1. i can't redownload it as when i try it says i already have a copy installed and could i please uninstall it.... and the cycle continues!!

    2. i downloaded and installed the clean up program. However, when i run it, it gives me a list of programs it can clean up, and spyware doctor is not on there...

    any suggestions?
  4. Kniht

    Kniht Sergeant

    You can do a manual uninstall.

    Instructions Here
  5. ricky coleman

    ricky coleman Private E-2

    i can not uninstall spybot search & destroy add/remove program states unins000.msg is missing how can i reinstall unis000.msg
  6. Kniht

    Kniht Sergeant

  7. jjor03

    jjor03 Private E-2

    I have fixed the problem!

    Go into the file where the "unins000.msg" file is SUPPOSED to be.......Once you have gotten into the file, There SHOULD be a .exe named "unins000.exe".......Simple right-click the .exe and RENAME it to "unins000.msg"......Go to Control Panel after you rename it, and Uninstall the program!

    Worked for me, Hope it works for you! ;)

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