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unmountable_boot_volume... error message

Discussion in 'Software' started by cwtcc55, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. cwtcc55

    cwtcc55 Private E-2

    I get when I try to start my computer. I have had problems with my power supply losing connection and the battery has run down a few times. I have read things about using the Windows XP disk but I cannot figure out how to start windows using this. I only have the upgrade disk because this computer originally had '98 on it. Please help, I am getting a new computer for X-Mas and don't want to have to buy a new one right now. Thanks.
  2. Squeaner

    Squeaner Specialist

    When does this error message exactly occur. Please describe in as much detail as you can.
  3. bjgarrick

    bjgarrick MajorGeeks Admin - Malware Expert

    Also, do you have a Windows XP disc available? If so, procede below...

    1. Make sure the computer is set to BOOT from the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive.

    2. Insert the Windows XP CD-ROM into your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive, and then restart your computer.

    3. When you receive the "Press any key to boot from CD" message, press a key to start your computer from the Windows XP CD-ROM.

    4. When you receive the "Welcome to Setup" message, press R to start the Recovery Console.

    5. If you have a dual-boot or multiple-boot computer, select the installation that you have to use from the Recovery Console.

    6. When you are prompted, type the administrator password, and then press ENTER.
    Note: If you do not have one, just press ENTER.

    7. At the command prompt, type chkdsk /r and then press ENTER.

    8.Once it has cmopleted, type exit, and then press ENTER to quit Recovery Console.

    Let me know if you have ANY problems with these instructions.
  4. cwtcc55

    cwtcc55 Private E-2

    The blue screen pops up every time right after the windows XP screen comes up. I do not have the original XP disk. I only have the upgrade cd. I tried to boot off of this unsuccessfully. Can someone let me know if I can use someone elses XP disk to fix the problem. Thanks for your help.
  5. Adrynalyne

    Adrynalyne Guest

    Bjgarrick most likely has the solution, unless you have hardware failure.

    So..Im a little confused that you said you dont have the original XP CD, but you do have the upgrade CD.

    Upgrade CDs are XP CDs too, and even full versions. Only the setup method has been modified.

    That CD will work for this method.
  6. cwtcc55

    cwtcc55 Private E-2

    Ok, I did not realize that. I tried to boot my computer off of the XP upgrade cd but it did not seem to work. It just kept doing the same thing. It didn't seem to be booting off of the cd at all. Maybe I am doing something wrong but I hit f1 when the computer turned on and changed the boot order to run off of cd first. The windows screen came on and then the blue screen just as before. I just figured you couldn't use the upgrade cd. Guess I was wrong. Thanks for your help.
  7. Adrynalyne

    Adrynalyne Guest

    Can you tell me what the front of the XP CD says?

    its supposed to be botoable.

    Try changing your BIOS to ONLY boot from CD, disable the rest. This should force the boot process.
  8. Raskolnikov

    Raskolnikov Private E-2

    Will your computer boot into safe mode (one of the choices at the unmountable boot volume screen)? If so, and without the XP cd in your drive, try the following. I had an UMBV error last month and this worked perfectly for me.

    Boot into safe mode.

    Double click My Computer.

    Right click on C drive and select Properties.

    Under the Tools tab, click on check now in the error-checking section.

    I clicked both of the boxes to check for errors. It will do this on next restart.

    Restart computer.

    If yours works as mine did, it will go through the whole chkdsk process (45 minutes for me). At the end, my computer booted normally and has ever since.

    If safe mode won't work for you, or your harddrive is a goner, this won't help.

  9. hopperdave2000

    hopperdave2000 MajorGeek

    If you have a "slow" monitor, you may not be seeing the text that says "Press any key to boot from CD....". This text will come on the screen for only about 7 or 10 seconds before the PC moves on to the next boot device listed in the BIOS. I've seen monitors that are slow in warming up, or slow to react to screen changes to the point where you wouldn't see the prompt. Also, if your monitor's VHold or VPos is off, you wouldn't see the prompt. So, when powering up the PC, keep your eye on the CD drive, when it starts to spin up it's looking at the CD; at this point press the space bar a few times. Wait about a second or two between each press of the space bar. You should eventually see the blue setup screens with a white 'status' bar at the bottom that displays file names and will occasionally prompt you for certain actions. After a bit, you should get to the part that bjgarrick described above. GOOD LUCK!!


    BTW- your upgrade CD should boot just like any other XP CD....
  10. studiot

    studiot MajorGeek

    Just a small thought.

    This is an old machine. Has the Cmos battery nearly run out?
  11. cwtcc55

    cwtcc55 Private E-2

    Sorry I just cannot get anything different to happen. I hear my cd rom drive spinning but it still just goes to the xp screen and then to the blue unmountable_boot_volume screen. For whoever asked before, my disk is just says Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition. It also give setup instructions: Click Start etc. Version 20002. Any other setting that could be making it difficult to boot from the cd?
  12. cwtcc55

    cwtcc55 Private E-2

    Yes, it is an old machine. Don't know much about the cmos battery.
  13. pacpis

    pacpis Private E-2

    am i crazy or a mod have deleted my reply just after bjgarrick's,:(
    @ cwtcc55 : can u access to ur BIOS?
  14. Adrynalyne

    Adrynalyne Guest

  15. cwtcc55

    cwtcc55 Private E-2

    When I try to force the cd to boot by disabling the other devices all I get is a black screen that says "Operating System Not Found". Is there a possiblity my disc is not able to be booted off of. Would it be possible to use someone elses disc or can I only use the one that loaded my operating system?
  16. Adrynalyne

    Adrynalyne Guest

    Is this pirated?

    Im getting a lot of double talk, my OS CD vs my upgrade CD. The upgrade CD is XP, and the other CD is...what?

    Yes another XP CD can be used to follow the instructions listed here.
  17. cwtcc55

    cwtcc55 Private E-2

    Sorry if I'm being confusing. I originally had windows 98, upgraded to XP. The only disc I'm talking about is my XP upgrade cd. I guess I'll try someone elses, mine doesn't seem to be working. thanks again for your help.
  18. Adrynalyne

    Adrynalyne Guest

    Oh, I see now.

    Well, there is a possibility that the cd drive is old enough, and the bios is old enough, that it will not boot to the CD.

    Let us know how the other copy fares.
  19. studiot

    studiot MajorGeek

    Please explain exactly what happened here. Is this a manufacturer's option or did F1 take you to setup (the BIOS)?

    If you entered the BIOS after you set the boot to CD, did you save the changes before exit? This is easy to forget and then the changes don't 'take'

    Did you ever see the message 'press any key to boot from CD'?

    Please state the model / make of pc. I believe I saw laptop?

    Since you were offered a boot from CD option it is reasonable to assume one exists. Therefore id you can borrow a friend's XP Cd to do the Check Disk procedure, please do so as this is the most likely cure for your ills.

    Do you have any windows 98 disks, CD or floppy if it becomes necesaary to control the pc from floppy?

    Finally is there any possibility of temporarily moving the hard drive to the pc you are using for the internet to do the check disk?
  20. cwtcc55

    cwtcc55 Private E-2

    I don't have my original windows 98 disc. My fiance's computer is what I am using now and it is a MAC, so the chances are not good that I will be able to remove the hard drive. I also don't think I am qualified to do that since I wouldn't know where to begin. i am going to borrow a friend's disc and try it when he gets home later. Thanks again.
  21. Adrynalyne

    Adrynalyne Guest

    If it is set to boot to CD, and does not, and thats an official XP CD-then the machine does not support the El Torito specification, which is required to boot Windows XP off of the CD.
  22. cwtcc55

    cwtcc55 Private E-2

    If that is the case does that mean I am out of options?
  23. Adrynalyne

    Adrynalyne Guest

  24. studiot

    studiot MajorGeek

    The devil is in the detail.

    You will need to put some effort in to answer the questions if you want to work towards a solution.

    For instance stating the make and model of your pc would help us stupid old service engineers look things up in our records.

    I did actually run an old XP upgrade Cd to confirm to myself that it would boot a pc to the recovery console.
  25. cwtcc55

    cwtcc55 Private E-2

    Sorry, the computer is a IBM Think Pad type 2647. I hope that does it. I can't find any more information as to a model number. One other thing I can tell you is that I have defintely had a power problem with this computer. I had a lot of trouble keeping the connection with the power cord and the computer. I got a new power cord and the problem was fixed for about a year and a half. The same thing is happening with the new cord. I'm not sure if it is my computer or the power cord itself. I'm not going to get a new one unless I know I can turn the thing on though. Thanks again for all of your help.
  26. studiot

    studiot MajorGeek

    With Windows 98, upgraded to Xp, it is likely that your file system is FAT32. This would still be readable by a windows 98 boot floppy, which has its own disk checker - scandisk. Also it would be possible to work on the hard drive from windows 9x or Dos.

    The hard drive itself will probably be an IBM model. Each manufaturer produces its own hard drive scanner, for its own drives - some are bootable from floppy. I will hunt out the thinkpad service manual and see what I can find. There were many stinkpads, do you have a date?

    Finally please answer the other questions in my post as it is still unclear whether you have ever seen the pc BIOS or the boot from cd.

    Does the pc have a working floppy drive?
    Does your friend's mac have a working floppy drive?

    Adrynalyne can you advise how to make (download) a win 98 boot floppy on a mac and add scandisk?
  27. cwtcc55

    cwtcc55 Private E-2

    I do not have a workable floppy and do not have the windows 98 disk anymore. 2001 was the year the computer was made and purchased. The mac doesn't have a floppy either. Only a cd rom drive. I have been to the BIOS screen and have definitely disabled all of the other startup options and saved the settings. It goes automatically to the screen that says Operating System Not Found when it tries to boot that way. If I don't disable the hard drive it then goes to the blue unmountable .... screen.
  28. Adrynalyne

    Adrynalyne Guest

    Im unsure what your options are at this point with no floppy drive and not being able to boot to CD...aside from the previously mentioned removal of the hard drive and used on another machine...

    Is the CD drive modular?
  29. studiot

    studiot MajorGeek

    According to my service manual you may have a product recovery partition, accessible by pressing F11 at boot. Please check in case it is still there.
  30. studiot

    studiot MajorGeek

  31. studiot

    studiot MajorGeek

    The hard drive is not designed for easy removal, you will need an expert.

    You can, however try the cmos battery (IBM call it a backup battery) it is easily accesssed by opening a small compartment on the underside of the laptop. They have a life of 3 - 5 years, so it is probably worn out by now.
  32. cwtcc55

    cwtcc55 Private E-2

    Sorry that did not work. If i'm not mistaken the thinkpad is a t23. I could be wrong though. I'm not sure how to check without being able to boot up the computer.
  33. studiot

    studiot MajorGeek

    The recovery cd, uk english, is IBM part NO 14P9188
    US is 32P5573.

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