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Unusual Windows XP problem

Discussion in 'Software' started by Grisby, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. Grisby

    Grisby Private E-2

    Hi all, my first post and its a doozie!

    The inner part of some progress bars (that part that shows the actual progress) fails to show on various applications. Examples are the bars on AMUST Registry cleaner task progress and Call of Duty2 game loading bar. I've also noticed this on several other applications, a relatively minor thing perhaps but annoying and perplexing none-the-less. I assume its an XP problem.

    I'm also having other problems with XP. First using system restore doesn't seem to work. My cache size is good, the recovery dates are highlighted, it accepts the instruction and re-boots and then tells me it can't do it (no reason given).

    And my XP recovery cd doesn't work - it just shows some Windows folders and files but no autorun or other obvious executables.

    I don't have any virus, my registry is cleaned, everything else seems OK.

    I'm out of ideas. My installed copy of XP that came with the new pc is validated, do I have to buy another copy of XP to solve my problems?

  2. Absolutexero

    Absolutexero Private E-2

    try to use the cd for booting, it will come to a screen that says "install windows press enter, repair windows using automated yada yada yada press r, quit press f3" press enter, and it will say it is searching for previously installed versions of microsoft windows, when it comes up and says "c:/window/microsoft windows xp pirated edition" or whatever, then press r to repair the installation, most of the time this will do a lot of good.
    also as for the system restore that microsoft uses, might as well turn it off, it's pretty much useless, i would suggest norton goback in place of it,
    also if it is preinstalled on the computer such as a dell, or compaq, you will not have to activate if you use your original CD that came with it, if it is a dell, you wont even have to enter the Product Key
  3. Grisby

    Grisby Private E-2

    Thanks for the help, it was good advice. I got the recovery cd working and XP reinstalled (had to also reinstall my program files) and was doing fine untill the SP2 update - which I've now tried installing, making changes and re-installing about 10 times. After updating to SP2, when I get to the Windows start-up screen my pc goes into a reboot cycle so I have to go back to safe mode to get to Windows. I don't think its a driver problem as I had SP2 working fine before and there's no conflicts shown in Device Manager - I'm almost ready to give up on SP2 as otherwise my pc's working ok. I'm mostly concerned, however, about the Windows updates that came after SP2 - which I now can't now install.

    Looks like I may have to get a full new Windows XP (with SP2?) afterall.

    Its funny how a relatively minor problem like progress bars not showing can lead to such a major headach.

    Any other suggestions?
  4. theefool

    theefool Geekified

    A repair install, may have been better, than a FULL re-install of windows. But, since this is to late....did ye also re-install all your drivers, before ye installed sp2?

    BTW, welcome to MajorGeeks! :)
  5. Grisby

    Grisby Private E-2

    Thanks for the welcome. I tried the repair install but it wouldn't work so I took the next (of 3) options - the non-format re-install where it puts your previous disk structure into a new folder. No, I didn't reinstall all my drivers before the first try but I think I've reinstalled most of them (all the ones I've found) before about the 4 -5 try :)

    I've now completed a good deal of research on the problem and am ready to try some more things.
  6. theefool

    theefool Geekified

    Excellent to hear the other research...It would be nice to post that research here, in case, you still have issues. That way, we don't repeat some of those options. :)
  7. Grisby

    Grisby Private E-2

    The saga continues...after spending about 3 weeks on this issue it seems that my on-board VGA controller device is not being recognized and I can't install any drivers for it. No problems are shown in Device Manager but Driver Guide has a ? next to "VGA Controller Device" (and indicates an unknown provider and manufacturer). I don't actually use on-board VGA as my monitor's hooked up a Geforce 6800 vid card (w/latest drivers) but could this cause my SP2 not working problems?
  8. Grisby

    Grisby Private E-2

    OK, 3+weeks, 17 attempts later...I traked down a solution (no thanks to Microsoft) & problem solved! It was apparently due to a Windows XP SP2 programming error: SP2 does not properly recognize AMD 64 bit cpus, loads the Intel instruction set first and causes the 0x000007E blue screen stop error. The solution required the following line to be inserted into in the registry:

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\intelppm]

    Anyway, everythings up and running well now - phew!, I almost ordered a new Dell!

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