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Upgrade to XP?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by razorblade416, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. razorblade416

    razorblade416 Private E-2

    I bought this computer in 1996 with Windows 95, 2.1GB hard drive, 3.5in floppy drive, 64MB RAM (EDO SIMMS), and a 133mhz processor. After several upgrades over the years, it now has a 400mhz processor (max. for the motherboard), almost empty 40GB hard drive (divided into 5 partitions of 6GB due to BIOS restrictions), 128MB EDO and "Fastpage" memory, and Windows 98SE. I've also put on things like USB 2.0, a wirless network card, 8MB graphics card and a 48x16x48 CD-R Drive. The PC is moderetly fast and it runs things like internet, AIM, Windows Media Player, Microsoft Word/Powerpoint etc., and most computer games with ease.

    My question is, would the good outweigh the bad if upgraded to XP Professional?

  2. rogvalcox

    rogvalcox MajorGeek

    In my opinion...XP is much better then 98SE, all around!!

    However...in order to get it to work...you need to start with the following...

    1) try to get a bios update and flash the bios so it will allow for bigger partitions

    2) Investigate the possibility of more ram!! XP basically needs a minimum of 256 to operate the way it is designed to operate!! If you can't upgrade your memory, then you will have to do things like, turn off all the cartoonish graphics (revert it back to standard windows display) but I still couldn't promis you that it will be ok!! I have run it on 128...but it was 128 megabyte of the pc3200, which is much faster than your kind of memory!!

    Then we/if you decide to go with it...do not do the upgrade!! You can buy the upgrade cd if you want (it is usually cheaper) but don't install as an upgrade!! Back up important info, then format the drive and do it as a new install!!

    Have to warn you though...if you buy the upgrade version, with the intentions of formatting and doing a new install...when you start the install...it will ask you to put in the disk of the previous version of windows...so it can see proof that you have the previous version of windows (which is why upgrades are usually cheaper than regular versions)...then you put the XP cd back in and continue with the installation!!

    SO basically...I would say you are kind of at your own graces, as to whether you want to try this or not!! Provided that you can part with the 100 dollars...atleast if it doesn't work...you'll have it for when you get a more up to date machine!!!! Provided you do a home build and not buy a commercial system with the os already installed!!

    Hope that helped you some!! Let us know if there are more questions!!!!

  3. theefool

    theefool Geekified

    I hate to say this, but my work computer is a p2 400, with 320 megs of ram. I am running xp pro on it, but I have tweaked it to the point that xp runs quite decently. So, if you are wanting to go the upgrade, you can. But, I'd turn off all the eye candy on your machine.

    Also, I'd recommend doing a full format and re-install, just in case.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2005
  4. razorblade416

    razorblade416 Private E-2

    Thanks for your input. I have no problem completely re-formating my drive because I have done it many times in the past due to hard drive failures etc. However, I forgot to mention that my computer is a MICRON. They went out of business quite a while ago and nobody shed a tear ;) . Therefore, there are no updates for my BIOS so I'm going to have to stick with my partitions. As for the memory, I have maxed out the four slots and I couldn't possibly fit anymore in. I don't know how XP would respond to my slow memory. theefool, you may have a 400mhz processor but you also have 320MB of fast RAM and not EDO SIMMS.

    Anyway, I have another question. I have been a program called "backup" that comes w/ all Windows computers. If I stored a backup file on my other computer (an XP), would I be able to just restore myself back to Win98 without reinstalling everything if I don't like XP? :)
  5. theefool

    theefool Geekified

    I have PC 100 memory in that old beast.

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