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Utilize optimum PC power

Discussion in 'Software' started by TheBlackClap, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. TheBlackClap

    TheBlackClap Private First Class

    I already posted this question 3 days ago, however my thread was removed, not sure why. Anyways.

    I am playing a game, this game eats up alot of my PC. Are there any programs or guides that can tell me which processes if any that I can shut down while I am playing this game to redirect as much CPU towards it as possible? Thanks.....again.

  2. TheBlackClap

    TheBlackClap Private First Class

    whoa, I am really sorry. My bad :eek:
  3. TheBlackClap

    TheBlackClap Private First Class

    Is there a dummie proof version? I am a bit confused with all the colors and graphs? I know this sounds a bit 'whinny' however it would be great if you knew of a program that automatically killed any processes that were not related to playing a game. I bet I am asking too much :p
  4. Mada_Milty

    Mada_Milty MajorGeek

    See this post. It's not exactly automatic, but should be a little more user-friendly, with recommendations on specific services. Just post back if you have a service you aren't familiar with that isn't covered by this, and we will give recommendations.

    If you find that you're killing a few of the same services over and over, we can automate THAT fairly easily, so you would only have to press a button before playing a game. Be sure to note which processes, though, and post back.
  5. TheBlackClap

    TheBlackClap Private First Class

    Awesome, thanks for the assistance!
  6. TheBlackClap

    TheBlackClap Private First Class

    So I went under CCleaner and found the startup processes. I do not know what 90% of them are. Here are some of them:

    adobe reader speed launcher
    Microsoft Office.lnk
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2008
  7. TheBlackClap

    TheBlackClap Private First Class

    Its all good, because I have no idea about anything, my being unclear doesn't help!
  8. TheBlackClap

    TheBlackClap Private First Class

    Two more things too.

    First, When I boot up my PC it asks me which account I want to log on under. I am the only user and have going into 'user accounts' on the control panel and tried to find a toggel that will just allow me to boot up. I am sure that process eats up some speed.

    Second, when I hit the windows tab + break and bring up my system properties and go under the 'advanced tab' then settings in the 'performance area' it brings up some interesting options. I changed the visual affects to better support performance. One thing that I did notice and have not changed because I am not sure what it does is under the advanced tab there is a sectoin at the bottom that is called 'virtual memory'. It is set at 2046 MB, however the max states 4092 MB. Will tweaking with this 'virtual memory' help my performance?

    Thanks again guys, I have always been impressed with your assistance.
  9. Mada_Milty

    Mada_Milty MajorGeek

    This is a softmodem assistant. Don't expect you use this.

    I would get rid of this. It really doesn't make adobe launch any faster, IMO

    These are softwares to setup your audio card. Not needed unless you've gotta change settings every boot.

    This is used to configure settings for a lexmark printer. Not needed unless you've gotta change them at every boot.

    This is another lexmark process that lets you send faxes from Windows apps. If you use this, then keep this one, otherwise, it can go.

    Defragging software that I'm not familiar with. Does this do anything while you are not actively using the program? Maybe it defrags while you're idle? I think you'd know what to do with this one better that I would.

    How long have you had Windows Defender? Pretty sure this installs as a windows service nowadays.

    My personal opinion is that this app is fairly ineffective, so I would get rid of it, but again, depends on your usage.

    This is nvidia display settings. Not needed unless you're changing settings every boot.

    AFAIK, this only launches a Microsoft Office shortcut bar, which not many people use. I would lose if if you don't use it.

    vptray.exe is the tray bar process for Norton AntiVirus. It gives the user fast access to Norton AntiVirus. This process can safely be removed without reducing system security. Only needed if you're checking in every boot.

    Settings for microsoft keyboard/mouse. Only needed if you're changing settings every boot.

    Please note that these are my opinions only. Whether or not you actually want to remove these depends on your usage and preference.
  10. Mada_Milty

    Mada_Milty MajorGeek

    The easiest way to setup Autologon is this:

    1. Download and install TweakUI
    2. Launch TweakUI
    3. Expand the 'Logon' section
    4. Select 'Autologon'
    5. Check the box next to 'Log On Automatically At System Startup'
    6. Enter the credentials for the user account
    7. Apply your settings

    Windows will now log on as this user automatically every boot. Note that while this does add some time to your boot, it shouldn't affect your performance afterwards.

    Virtual memory is space on the hard drive that gets used as memory when your physical memory is all used up.

    Tweaking this will not help your performance unless you are running out of both physical and virtual memory.
  11. TheBlackClap

    TheBlackClap Private First Class

    Great once again, the explinations were great!

    I don't ever use any of those programs that start-up. I mean I do, but I always manualy access them. Now when these items start up at log on, do they cycle as well?

    I have a few others that were on there, sorry if I did not include them in the beginning, I just wanted to give you a shot of programs. Here are the rest. Again thanks!

    High Definition Audio Property Page Shortcut (I think this one is useless)
  12. Mada_Milty

    Mada_Milty MajorGeek

    I'm sorry...what do you mean, do they cycle?

    This is installed by Microsoft Office, and supports the use of Input Method Editors (ie, helps you type in foreign characters)

    This one won't be removed so easily. To get rid of it, you'll need to refer to Microsoft KB282599 titled, Frequently asked questions about Ctfmon.exe. I found this such a pain, that I couldn't be bothered getting rid of it.

    Realtek audio card related; probably adds the odd feature to one of the "Sounds" Control Panel applet tabs - doesn't appear to be required.

    ANOTHER Lexmark process that reports on printer and cartridge usage.

    Nvidia service for overclocking/cooling a video card

    Alright - I've confused this with another nvidia service, nwiz. This is actually the one that launches the system tray icon.

    Nwiz supposedly optimizes desktop layouts. Not sure how that works, but I get rid of it, and haven't noticed any problems doing so.

    Also, these nvidia processes may come back if you do not disable the NVIDIA Display Driver Service.

    Another utility for your sound card. This can go, if you're not changing settings a lot.

    This monitors for updates to your Java Runtime environment. Could be important to your security if you don't often update manually.

    Norton Antivirus. KEEP.

    More printer monitoring from Lexmark.
  13. TheBlackClap

    TheBlackClap Private First Class

    I thought I had read somewhere when a process starts up at loading, that memory is required to cycle it. I could have mistaken what the original post was about.

    Kinda weird thing. All of my icons on my desktop have a blue frame around them. Kinda like when you only single click a icon and not double click it, that blue frame. Any idea on how to fix this?

    Thanks again guys.
  14. Zyto

    Zyto Private First Class

    Right click your my computer icon, go to properties, click advanced tab, click performance button. In the dialog box that pops up, make sure the box 2nd from last in the list is checked, this will get rid of the look of "Selected Icons" as I have heard it called.
    Good luck:major
  15. TheBlackClap

    TheBlackClap Private First Class

    Yep that worked, thank!

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