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VERY Slow Download Speeds In Certain Programs

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by HasSanK, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. HasSanK

    HasSanK Specialist

    I am running 8mb Broadband using a router and I get mega fast downloads from Firefox (up to 800kb/s) but whenever I download something from Limewire the downloads never go faster than 35kb/s, if that even when they are connected to 10 hosts.

    The same goes for Azureus, I can never get Azureus to download anything faster than 50kb/s even when it's connected to, lets say around 500 peers with only 10 downloaders.

    I'm not sure what the problem may be as I know it's not my connection due to being able to download things from Firefox at mega fast speeds.

  2. Josh222

    Josh222 Private E-2

    You might have the same problem as I had.
    In azurues, does your NAT read okay?

    If not, you'll need to configure your router to certain settings.
    I'm not sure what router you have etc, but mines a belkin...
    What I did was type my IP address into internet explorer and it gave me the configuration for the router.
    I clicked "DMZ" and entered my IP for my laptop in the appropiate field, and clicked enable. This made my NAT okay and my downloads went back up to the speeds I was used to.

    If your abit of a gamer, and use Steam or other programmes that don't like this DMZ setting, there is another way.
    Azureus supports a UPnP plugin. This means Universal Plug and Play.
    Basicly, you just need to find where to enable that in your router settings and things should run smoothly.
    For me, it was just in ther "System settings" option.

    Hope that helps. Any problems, email me at joshontoast@hotmail.com for i don't come on here as often as I should.

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