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Very slow response to mouse click

Discussion in 'Software' started by cooperajn, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. cooperajn

    cooperajn Private E-2

    The speed of response to mouse has deteriorated, particularly for right clicks) to up to 30 seconds. The hour glass shows - for a long time!
    Not every time, but mostly; I have just been trying to use Excel with terrible response times.
    I run XP, I don't think I have any malware (recently cleared).
    I have done Control/Alt/Delete which shows 96 to 99% Idle.
    Connected or not to the Internet makes no difference.

    Hope you can help
  2. ~Q~

    ~Q~ Command Sergeant Major

    Hi cooperajn, When you have the Control/Alt/Delete interface open, select the process tab and see what process is using the CPU.

    I had a mild problem with something similar recently and i had to re-install java to fix it.

  3. cooperajn

    cooperajn Private E-2

    Virtually nothing, that was my point - slow response, but when you scroll down to System Idle it is showing around 99%.
    If I right click on delete for example, the right click options sometimes eventually appear; other times the hourglass fades to nothing
  4. ~Q~

    ~Q~ Command Sergeant Major

    What programs do you have running at start-up?

  5. cooperajn

    cooperajn Private E-2

    Fewer than I would have thought - all Windows
    NvCpl, nwiz, RTHDCPL, avgtray, NvMctray, jusched, REGIST~1, NeroCheck, PSDrvCheck, REGSHAVE, ctfmon.
  6. satrow

    satrow Major Geek Extraordinaire

    I wonder whether you have a DMA problem; check in Device Manager > IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers and check the properties for all channels to ensure they are using DMA.

    DMA Mode.

    PIO mode after multiple time-out or CRC.

    The stuttering DVD drive or the lame hard disk.
  7. ~Q~

    ~Q~ Command Sergeant Major

    Hi cooper, those start up items are not "all windows"......

    Jusched - is just the java update checker - you can stop that from starting up if want, and just check for updates yourself.

    Ctfmon - does not need to run at start up it will be called upon by anythingthat needs it without it running all the time.

    REGSHAVE - is connected to the drivers for Fuji FinePix digital cameras. Do you have one? if you dont use one it is useless.

    Nerocheck - is needed if you use nero.

    REGIST~1 - is Part of the OCR software TextBridge Pro 9.0 (and possibly earlier versions). Typically used with imaging devices such as scanners and digital cameras for creating text documents from images. This item will probably be displayed twice and will re-instate itself whenever you start the main program so leave it - once started it frees the memory it used. Its purpose and an explanation of how to correct a problem it creates for "Send To" can be found. Note that you don't have to uninstall TextBridge for this fix to work and the program works fine afterwards. Not used on later versions of the software - hence the 'U' recommendation

    psdrvcheck - is a part of the Pinnacle InstantCopy application. This process is used by Pinnacle InstantCopy to check the drivers. This is a non-essential process.
  8. cooperajn

    cooperajn Private E-2

    In response to the DMA suggestion.
    1 @ Ultra Mode 6
    1 @ Ultra Mode 5
    3 @ Not Applicable
    1 @ PIO only - I have amended the transfer mode to "DMA If Available"
  9. cooperajn

    cooperajn Private E-2

    Start Up
    I have removed ctfmon and PsDrvCheck.
    Can you explain the role of "Services", there is a lot of stuff there, only three are marked Essential and quite a few are stopped.
  10. satrow

    satrow Major Geek Extraordinaire

    That rules out any data transfer problems then.

    <back to head-scratching>
  11. satrow

    satrow Major Geek Extraordinaire

    The best place to check whether your running services are really needed is BlackViper's website.
  12. ~Q~

    ~Q~ Command Sergeant Major

    Are you looking at the number in the list, or the number in the box at the bottom [see my pic]

    Cos the number at the bottom of the list isn't a representation of your whole cpu.
  13. cooperajn

    cooperajn Private E-2

    Yes, I was looking at the bottom line of the list.
    (a little bit of knowledge........)
  14. ~Q~

    ~Q~ Command Sergeant Major

    Hey coop'...

    Try booting into safemode, and see how it performs.

  15. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

  16. cooperajn

    cooperajn Private E-2

    Black Viper's Website
    I went onto this last night, and I now have printer problems.
    I cannot reset my printer as "The print spooler is not running".
    I went back into Services, changed the setting to Automatic but no change. The desvription is "·þÎñÃèÊö".
    From Googling I see suggestions to change Registry settings, but I can't find a Spooler setting to change.
    (I am running XP)
  17. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

  18. cooperajn

    cooperajn Private E-2

    Printer and Print Spooler now seem to be ok, and kstprinter seems to have disappeared; my only remaining concern in this area is the Description , which remains the same.
    I am working on cleaning up the right click menu, which seems very sensible, although I seem to have a problem with left click as well!

    I don't think I have mentioned how slow it can be to close programs down (either left click to top RH corner or right click at the bottom). This is especially so if the PC has been left for a while.
  19. ~Q~

    ~Q~ Command Sergeant Major

    What security and spyware/malware programs are you using?

    Try turning your AV and Firewall off and see if that changes it.
    And make sure everything is updated.

    BTW, did you try booting in to safe mode?

    afterthought: what size is your hard drive?...... how much free space is left? ..... have you defragged recently?

  20. cooperajn

    cooperajn Private E-2

    Thanks for your reply
    I use AVG, with AdAware and Spybot, and in the last few days have run CCleaner, Malwarebytes and Superantispyware. They found a few bits which were claimed to be solved.
    I tried Safe mode, seemed the same before freezing up with loss of mouse movement.
    149Gb, of which 27Gb free.
    I haven't defragged recently, do you recommend Windows Defrag or a specialist?
  21. satrow

    satrow Major Geek Extraordinaire

    That's not helping your speed, Windows performs best on hard drives less than 60% full, once you hit around 75% full, performance makes a steep dive. Try to remove to backup anything you do not need on a regular basis and remove any unnecessary programs before doing a full defrag or two.

    These are all good defrag apps, there are others; it's important to choose 1 and stick with it as they all tend to use slightly different optimising methods.
  22. ~Q~

    ~Q~ Command Sergeant Major

    I think you should make sure your computer is clean, i recommend installing a better AV.... download Kaspersky or esetNod32 [i rec' kaspersky] they both have fully functional 30 day trials :)


    You will have to fully uninstall AVG and Spybot before Kaspersky will install, and you will probably need this AVG removal tool... http://www.avg.com/filedir/util/avg_arm_sup_____.dir/avgremover.exe

    Once installed and updated run a "deep scan"

    All those other scanners you listed are fine programs and should be causing no problems as long as your not using the "real time" monitoring options they all offer

    That is a bit low, and if it is badly fragmented it could cause this.

    I recommend Raxco perfect disk-defragger if you want a paid app' [agian has a free trial]

    But defraggler and auslogics are good free alternatives. [i used to use defraggler]


    Download one of them and run it, [if you get perfect disk, use the "smart placement" option]


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