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very weird WLAN problem...soooo slow

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by abern01, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. abern01

    abern01 Private First Class

    I have a Dell D620 laptop, Dell D630 laptop, Dell Dimension desktop and Sony Playstation all working on a wireless (D-Link) network. Every system worked fine till a couple of days ago. The D620 laptop just crawls on the internet. The connection shows excellent signal strength and 54Mbps connection speed to the router. I have a 15 Mbps cable ISP and this Dell downloads at only 320 Kbps and uploads at 800 Kbps.
    • All computers use Windows XP SP2
    • Symantec anti virus is always on, up to date
    • Ad-Aware Pro and Spybot show no spyware
    • Trend Micro showed zero problems, no malware.
    • The Dell 1390 mini lan card was uninstalled & reinstalled
    • Drivers were rolled back and latest ones installed again
    • Router and modem were rebooted
    • Ccleaner emptied temp, cookies cache, etc.
    • it's been defragged
    • Registry has been checked and has no issues
    • The other computers and Playstation work fine on the wireless network.

    Spoke with Dell tech support, ran a diagnostic and everything checks out OK. They say it's malware or the router. There isn't any malware and the router works perfectly with the other systems AND worked perfectly with this unit till recently. Nothing new has been added or changed in this system. Does anyone have any ideas as to why all of a sudden this laptop crawls online?:( Thank you!
  2. Hellsteeth

    Hellsteeth Private E-2

    Two things spring to mind on your weird problem.

    Does the D620 have a wired LAN port that you can hook up to the D-Link? If so, then do this and see if the speed improves. This will at least give a clue if this is a wireless issue or a laptop issue.

    Second thing is to move the physical location of the D620 (if you have not already). Digital wireless (DECT) phones and other devices can interfere with the signal.

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