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Vista 32 will only boot in safe mode

Discussion in 'Software' started by LejaBeatz, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. LejaBeatz

    LejaBeatz Private E-2

    I searched and didn't find anything helpful.

    I have a Toshiba Tecra A10-S3501 with Vista Business. I was having spontaneous wifi drops, and the "N" key kept pressing even when I wasn't near the computer. Booting in safe mode stopped the "N" key issue which means it is not a hardware problem(good to know).

    Now, when booting windows normally, I can get past the login screen, but after about 20-30 seconds of my desktop, I get a memory dump screen and the laptop reboots.
    -I Have not changed any hardware, nor drivers and nothing is connected via USB.
    -Malware scans show nothing.
    -Check Disk will not run properly.
    -Issue is with any user that logs in locally or to the domain with this laptop.

    My solution is to backup from safe mode, and do a fresh install(maybe XP). Any other ideas?

  2. AustrAlien

    AustrAlien Specialist

    Please explain in detail what you mean by this ... what you have done and what resulted in your conclusion, including full details of any messages presented.

    You can boot into Safe Mode and that works OK. In that case do as DomLuc suggested. Please post back here with full details of the error message you see on the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). If one restore point does not work, try another. Pick restore dates before the issues first appeared. Hopefully that will fix your booting problem as well as the other problems.

    That has just GOT to be a good idea! And wait for Windows 7 .... ??? Could be a little premature to follow through with at this stage.

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