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Vista - Can't access network - HELP ME SOLVE THIS PLEASE!!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by thedunnyman, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. thedunnyman

    thedunnyman Private E-2

    Hey guys,

    I'm having a problem with my Vista computer and issues with the network. I've basically tried everything out there on the internet, so I thought I would seek some help.

    • In my house, there are 3*XP computers, 1*Vista computer and 3*Network streamers
    • All using static IP addresses
    • Using a wired connection, so not a wireless issue.
    • All connect to a switch which is connected to a router/modem.
    • Networking had always been working fine
    • Some XP computers had to use password to access the Vista computer
    • Some XP computers didn't need a password to access the Vista computer
    • Networked media streamers worked fine with all computers
    • Then one day, I tried to host some ASP files from my computer
    • So I installed IIS and all the relevant files for ASP
    • I shut the computer down.
    • Woke up the next morning, can't access the network..!!! This is where the problem starts

    The problem
    1. From a Vista computer, in Network, I can only see my own computer. Nothing else.
    2. When I try to access my share, it says: "\\Duncan-PC is not accessible. You might not have permissions...The specified network provider name is invalid.
    3. Don't see any XP computers.
    4. XP computers sees the Vista share and other XP shares fine, and can access them perfectly.
    5. The media streamers pickup the XP computers, but not the Vista one.
    6. On my Vista machine, when I click on 'view network map', I see the other computers. So this is saying I am in the network...because I see the other computers here.

    What have I tried?
    1. Disabled Windows Firewall - no result
    2. Disabled my router firewall - no result
    3. Uninstalled the IIS/ASP components - No result
    4. Made sure in Network/Sharing Center: Network discovery is ON, Filesharing is ON, Public folder sharing is ON, Password-protected sharing is OFF. Tried toggling these in many ways, but no result in any.
    5. Turned the Vista network to public, no result. So set it back to private.
    6. LLTD is installed on the Vista machine
    7. In CMD, when I do "net use \\", I get: "System error 53 has occured. The network path was not found." Tried to troubleshoot this. Workstation/Server services are running. So I tried "net use /persistent:no(&yes)" and I get the same error.
    8. Then I tried "net use z:" (found on forums) but that gets the same error 53.
    9. "net use \\ (the XP computer) also gets error 53
    10. "net use \\ and ....103" works fine on an XP computer, and it says the task is completed successfully.
    11. On my vista computer and the xp computers, by using "ping" and "ping", I get successful responses for each one.
    12. If I do "ping duncan-pc" or "ping server" from my Vista, it works fine. So I don't think its a naming issue.
    13. I tried doing a clean boot (all non-Microsoft services stopped) and that didn't have an effect.
    14. I've tried resetting my router, and no result.
    15. Set my Vista machine as the isDomainMaster=Yes computer in RegEdit.
    16. Enabled NetBIOS over TCP/IP in my connection.
    17. Disabled LMHOSTS look up in my connection
    18. Opened all the ports associated. I think 139 and 445, and 2 or 3 other ones. I did this in Windows Firewall. But it's disabled now anyway.
    19. Searched all forums, and I've basically tried everything.

    Any ideas guys?
    Thanks heaps!

    Duncan :confused:

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