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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by bob a loo, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. bob a loo

    bob a loo Private E-2

    i currently have windows xp and am wanting to get a new a laptop but everything i look at is windows vista
    i do internet based assignments that i receive and send back thru internet i can't get the virtual print drivers to work on a 64 bit vista program . my questio is will they work on a 34 bit vista program
  2. jonote

    jonote Private E-2

    64 bit 32 bit is sort of the unimportant bit - its whether you got vista home (in which case I don't think you can) business or ultimate (in which case pretty sure you can)
  3. gimpster123

    gimpster123 Bring out the Gimp.

    no. 64/32 bit IS the important bit. You'll need to check with your software vendor, or at least give us the name of the program/website you're using. You teacher/intructor would probably be able to assist you in this.

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