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VPN and file transfer

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Graydane, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Graydane

    Graydane Private E-2

    I have a laptop with a VPN connection to the office network. Using the VPN and logging onto the network allows me access to all files at the office. However, since I am on a virtual desktop, I cannot access my laptop C-drive to either move files to the server or from the server to save on the laptop. Currently I have to e-mail files to myself, log on the the virtual desktop, open them and then save them to the server. Surely there must be an easy way to copy files from my C-drive to the office network drive ?? Please, someone tell me an easy way and make me feel even more stupid...but grateful!
  2. foogoo

    foogoo Major "foogoo" Geek

    I'm not quite sure I understand your implemantation of VPN. 'Round here we use VPN to access company resources just like your connected to the in-house network. I don't get the virtual desktop part? can you elaborate?
  3. Graydane

    Graydane Private E-2

    I can try.... I freely admit I'm a "user", know nothing of setting up a network or system. Unfortunately, the same is true in the company. The system and VPN were set up by an outside company for us.

    In short: On the lap top i connect to a wireless network, press an icon for the VPN, get connected, and then another icon that allows me to log-in to the company network. At that point the computer desktop changes to the desktop of my in house computer and I no longer have access to the drives or desktop on the laptop unless I minimize that screen. When I minimize and go to the lap top screen, I no longer have access to the network.
  4. foogoo

    foogoo Major "foogoo" Geek

    Sounds like you are using remote desktop over VPN... after you connect to the Net and launch the VPN have you tried to access any of the company shares? (Before doing the remote desktop) By browsing the network or going to start> run> and type \\server(or PC name)\sharename

    Unless your VPN is set up entirely different.. usually when you logon the VPN it authenticates you on the domain (assuming there is one here) and away you go.
  5. Graydane

    Graydane Private E-2

    Thanks Foogoo, for the thoughts / ideas / and effort. Tried not usingthe virtual desktop and even though it says I'm connected to the VPN, I can't see anything on the other side until I log-on to the virtual desktop. Someone else in the office has been trying to find an answer and says we need to be "mapped to the drive". Sounds like a trip to the IT folks to me.
  6. foogoo

    foogoo Major "foogoo" Geek

    Yeah, you will not 'see' anything.. but you should be able to map a drive given the directions in my previous post. So if you map the drive and then launch remote desktop and do your work, when you exit the desktop and go into My Computer you'll have the mapped drive and can copy the files you've been working on.
  7. dedub

    dedub Corporal

    Here is a short fix for your dilemma.
    when you launch your VPN connection, you should get a separate set of network icons in your tray. That is a PPP connection and the VPN server should have issued you an IP. If you double click the icons and get that IP you are half way there.
    Then do your remote Desktop connection to the server, go to start, search, file and folders, computer or people, computer on the network. Type in your *new* IP and bingo, there is your computer with all your shares available. You can even print from that server to your local printer if it is shared.
    No need for IT
    good luck

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