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VPN and Sockets Initialization Problem

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by griffin, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. griffin

    griffin Private E-2

    Successfully installed Cisco VPN Dialer. Get error message on startup: "Windows Sockets Initialization Failed"

    OS is XP Home.

    Any idea why the problem occurs and how to solve it?

  2. mastermosley

    mastermosley Sergeant

    check and make sure your not missing any .dlls. I'm not sure which .dll would have the socket functions but If you didn't have that you'd get an error like that.
  3. jnorman10

    jnorman10 Private E-2

    are you still able to connect to the inet? or do you just get a error loggin in to the vpn.

    Could try a winsock fix.

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