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VPN/DSL/CABLE/Firewall/ the works!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Iceburg, May 1, 2003.

  1. Iceburg

    Iceburg Private First Class

    I have a peer to peer LAN at work with has a 640/256K DSL. I want to run VPN from my house which currentlly has nothing but dialup. Let me know if this is true, or what I need.

    I need a server at the office (Windows 2K server) that will accept the incoming VPN connections.

    I need broadband at home (not nessecarily) but I think so, and I need a router (for multiple home computers) but the router has to have PPTP, and a firewall. If I run NAT can I still use VPN?

    I am going to run AD on the server in the office, and make the network a little more secure than the peer to peer which it has now.

    Any thing that I missed, or any comments that you can think of?


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