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Web Design Help

Discussion in 'Software' started by Adrynalyne, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. Adrynalyne

    Adrynalyne Guest

    I'm currently teaching myself html before moving on to more advanced subjects, like php.

    I had some questions about how certain things were done, specifically on the front page.

    How was the basic layout done?

    I am looking at the rounded corners were set up.

    I can see its a different image file, but I dont understand how it fits together with the olive colored table.

    Also, am I correct that the website background is that dark green, and the table is olive green? I think I am, but want to make sure.

    I have no interest in stealing any part of this site, but I am interested in how it was created.

    Thanks for your time, more questions to follow :p
  2. Adrynalyne

    Adrynalyne Guest

    I think I figured it out, but someone let me know if I am right.

    using the corner gif, with it partially colored olive, and partially dark green, it overrides the backgroun color of the table and allows for the "round look"

    I figured this out as soon as I posted :p

    I guess I should have waited for it to sink in ;)
  3. Kodo


    that's one way to do it yes.. the othe way is to make the rounded part and then make the background transparent so you can put it against any color and only the rounded part will show. For instance, the green on the gif above would be transparent and only the olive would show.
  4. Kirschstrasse

    Kirschstrasse Private E-2

    The quickest way to see if an image has a transparent background is to drag your mouse over it and high-lite it. This will show the outline of the image.

    Another way is to go to Edit > Select all, this will high-lite everything on the page. It will also show any hidden text/images/links that the page has.
  5. spaz

    spaz Specialist

    One concept I found important when learning design (which may or may not help you) is that no image is actually rounded on the web. It other words, every curve you see is part of an image taking the place of a square or rectangle, so with that rule in mind it may be easier to picture how the effect has been achieved.
  6. Kodo


    unless it's vectored..
  7. spaz

    spaz Specialist

    ??? Please explain... if you have time. In my experience, it is not possible to create a .gif or .jpeg that is anything but 4-sided.
  8. Kodo


    that is correct. a .gif or .jpg is not a vectored image and thus will be pixelated. While everything is displayed in pixels and a true rounding can almost never be accomplished, the vectored image is a bit different. A vectored image is more or less stored as a direction for how the image is displayed and thus it can be scaled up and down with out loss of quality. So you can create a high pixel count vectored image and no matter what size it is, it will retain its' quality. So you can get as close to a rounded corner as you possibly can. You can see good examples of vectoring in things like Flash.
  9. spaz

    spaz Specialist

    Ah.. right, gotcha. Formats that transcend the traditional "web stuff rules."
    Flash can connect right to a database now, too... I'd like to have time to learn it.
  10. Kodo


    flash has been able to connect to a db for some time now..
  11. spaz

    spaz Specialist

    Yes, it sure has. I guess my point was that it is not used as widely as I believe it will be... And it would be fun to work with.
  12. Kodo


    I agree. I don't think flash will be used to mainstream a site. If it's a design site, then it's a hit, but if it's an info site than I doubt it and recommend against it..
  13. spaz

    spaz Specialist

    I've seen some great demos by the Macromedia folks using flash and their direct connect technology (I forget the exact name they give it) and it's impressive... but we never came close to using it they way they demonstrated. Starting from scratch it might be a nice idea, but it just seems maintaining it would be a real bugger. Totally agree that the design sites done in flash are amazing... but I just can't see it becoming a standard. Personally, I'm heavily into style sheets and getting away from graphics as much as possible... Nice to have the site load baddah bing!

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