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webcam driver needed plz help me!!

Discussion in 'Software' started by kristin9183, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. kristin9183

    kristin9183 Private E-2

    I cant seem to find the dang site for micro innovations to get teh drivers for my webcam i have the mcnic50c i have been searching all day and have had no luck at all and am gettin to the point where im readyt o break it.....lol Think i might need someones help if anyone knows where i might find that driver that would be really helpful to me...all i can find are these sites that want to scan my computer and make download this garbage and then promise drivers and then i dont get them..grrrr..welll sorrry im rambling now thank you for your time..:wave
  2. dlb

    dlb MajorGeek

    :wave Welcome to Major Geeks! :major

    I believe the driver you need can be downloaded from this direct link. The AmCap video imaging software can be downloaded from this direct link. The drivers I linked to are for Win98, WinME, Win2000, WinXP.

    Good luck! Let us know how things go! :-D

  3. kristin9183

    kristin9183 Private E-2

    guys i cant seem to get this webacm to work idk what to do i downloaded the file you left for me and it still wont work?
  4. dlb

    dlb MajorGeek

    There are different versions of this web cam, and different drivers. It appears that this is based on color (yes, weird). There's the black and the gray. The link above is for the gray. But you didn't mention exactly what the problem is. Does the driver not install? Or is it a problem using the VERY non user friendly AmCap software? If the driver installed OK, then you simply have to learn how to use the AmCap software. If the driver didn't install, then we'll try to help. After all, this is a driver forum. So, with the cam plugged in to a USB port, look in the Device Manager. If there are no yellow exclamation points, then the cam is installed correctly and your problem is with using the software. If you have a yellow exclamation point next to the device, please post exactly what it says, include your version of Windows (which still hasn't been disclosed) with service pack version, and tell us what color the cam is (black or gray), and we'll try again.
  5. kristin9183

    kristin9183 Private E-2

    Icatch(VI)PC camera
    has not passed windows logo testing to verify its compatibility with windows xp and may not work properly

    missing file SPCA561.SYS

    this is what i get when I try to download the files for the webcam software from teh link you left me..I dont understand whats going on?
  6. dlb

    dlb MajorGeek

    First, download the SPCA561-SYS.zip file using my attachment below, save it to your desktop or a location where you can easily find it again. Unzip it. Install the driver as usual. When you get "has not passed windows testing" message, click on "Continue anyway". Then when you get the "missing file" error, you should be able to point the wizard to the downloaded file on your desktop.

    I hope this helps!

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