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What are ways to access blocked internet sites

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by shansand, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. shansand

    shansand Private E-2


    My workplace set up is as follows:

    Out network is under DHCP and our IPs are assigned dynamically. Our setup uses proxy to connect to the internet and has 2 types of computer users. viz.,

    1) Elite users, who can access all web sites without any restrictions and
    2) Normal users, who can not access all websites like orkut, etc.,

    Is there a way by which these normal users can browse all internet sites without any restrictions ?
    I tried many ways like changing proxy, but no success.

    Different types of solutions for the above problem are appreciated.

  2. Colemanguy

    Colemanguy MajorGeek

    Nope, not gonna find help here getting around your workplace security. Contact your ip people if you need to become unrestricted.
  3. VoiD

    VoiD Corporal

    you know you could get fired or close to for doing this.... its there for a reason buddy, to stop you wasting time and more importantly to protect the company.

    As above, i dont think you'll find a sole here who will help.

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