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what are your computer speakers?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by N5638J, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. N5638J

    N5638J Guest

    i was wondering what kind of speakers y'all have on your computers.

    i got a Cambridge 500watt subwoofer pushing 2 Zenith Allegro 3000 boxes that has 2 10inch BOSS Riot 400watt speakers/woofers, and 2 2inch tweaters in them i will not even push my computer past 10% Volume because it rattles the whole house and bounces you out of the room at 10%:eek:

  2. mgpower0

    mgpower0 Corporal

    logitech X-530's:) Beat that!!!!LOL
    ops already have:D

  3. Rikky

    Rikky Wile E. Coyote - One of a kind

  4. goldfish

    goldfish Lt. Sushi.DC

    Currently, a Yamaha A100 power amplifier with kenwood speakers. Headphones, Sennheiser HD-25's (pro edition)

    Sorry, it's only 2-channel stereo, but most of my music isn't in surround sound ;)
  5. theefool

    theefool Geekified

    Speakers I bought a while back:

    Altec Lansing ADA880. Technically 4.1 speakers, but I can't find the rear 2 speaker connectors, so, with these speakers, you can hook the rears ontop of the two fronts.

    An ancient review: http://www.legionhardware.com/document.php?id=16&p=0

    So, essentially, I have 2.1. :(

    When (if ever) I upgrade my home theatre (110 watts per channel) receiver, I'll be hooking that up to my computer, with my old out dated bose speakers (currently in the living room).. Ack I said Bose! ;)

    Forgot to mention my Fedora core box in my billiard room has 2.1 Harmon/kardon speakers. I do wish I could find the adjustments on that box (the os itself) to modifiy the treble, since the speakers settings for treble, sux.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2006
  6. rogvalcox

    rogvalcox MajorGeek

    $15.00 4ch GE Speakers

    Target Clearance Special!! WOOOOHHOOOO:) :eek: :rolleyes:

    Being that I am completely deaf in my right ear and about 20% in the other ear...I'm sure you can understand my lack of enthusiasm for high end sound cards and speakers!!:)

  7. Lev

    Lev MajorGeek

    I can beat that.......$14 Walmart special Altec Lansing .....well.......this is a non-profit after all ;)
  8. Radiofool

    Radiofool Private First Class

    I've got a nice little Denon 250SE driving a couple of lovely English built KEF Cresta's.

    Bootiful. :)
  9. rogvalcox

    rogvalcox MajorGeek

    Yeah...well...mine were actually $13.98, before taxes!!:p

    And believe me...there's not much profit floating around this place either!!!!

  10. ncc1701dhhr

    ncc1701dhhr Private First Class

    This is mine!:)

    Attached Files:

  11. viper_boy403

    viper_boy403 MajorGeek

    7.1 all the way!

    Creative Inspire p7800

    Attached Files:

  12. Solange

    Solange Sergeant Major

    I went cheap, but I'm satisfied.


    Never had a need to blow out my eardrums, they are damaged enough already! :D
  13. Strange1

    Strange1 Staff Sergeant

    Nothing fancy Creative Soundblaster sound card and stereo Bose speakers. Very clear and acceptable bass. For the price I like the sound that is put out.

  14. Lev

    Lev MajorGeek

    yeah..but you got a new baby girl......that's priceless :D ;)
  15. Sailor

    Sailor First Sergeant

    Since I don't do much FPS sound is not as important to me. Just a 2.1 Altec Lansing 121E system.
  16. mcadam

    mcadam Major Amnesia

    Same as you mgpower, but over summer I changed the sub for a Pioneer 12" 2000W sub (designed for cars lol) but it gives it more power. Also running them through an external soundcard, then linked to an Alpine Power amp.
  17. goldfish

    goldfish Lt. Sushi.DC

    A friend of mine has a sub-bass tube (one passive one active) that looks a lot like a jet engine - attached to his Xbox. Playing Halo 2 is pretty exciting I can tell you!
  18. rogvalcox

    rogvalcox MajorGeek

    True...very true!!!!:) :)

  19. hawklord

    hawklord Master Sergeant

    i have a sanyo system 220 amp connected to my mobo with solavox pr30 speakers - bit old but does the job well
  20. Calltaker

    Calltaker MajorGeek

    Midiland set I got bak in '01. POwered sub and 2 sattellite speakers. Still works well enough to get the downstairs neighbor pounding on his ceiling if I loose track of time.

    Use to have it hooked through my pioneer receiver to my Klipsch 300w towers. Got the cops called on evening while playing SOF2, they thought there was a freaking shootout going on in htere :)
  21. Natakel

    Natakel Guest

    Sigh . . . now I have speaker envy. I'm using stock speakers that came with a commercial computer I had several years ago. To complete my shame (dare I say it) I'm using onboard audio . . . not yet bought a seperate sound card . . . :rolleyes:

    When I built my current main system, I put all my cash into the processor, video card, and memory. It's on an ASUS board, which has pretty good sound built in. I didn't need anything better at that time

    However, sound is my new upgrade area. Christmas is around the corner, and I've been dropping hints . . . like:

    "Honey, buy me this sound card - here are the part and model numbers - and these speakers - the style and model numbers are at the bottom of the list I just handed you . . . Love ya, Babe!" :)

    Seriously, I've been scanning this thread and gleaning valuable info to help me choose a speaker system and a sound card. I appreciate the data, as this is an area I have neglected in my computer world.
  22. lb4norleans

    lb4norleans Who 'dat

    *sniffing and hitching up pants*

    Yup picked up this awesome setup form a dude down the road...

    Attached Files:

  23. musksnipe

    musksnipe Guest

    I was gonna tell ya but now I'm too embarresed to say what I have after seeing the sweet stuff that lb4norleans has.:(
  24. minimus

    minimus Private E-2


    I am having these creative speakers for quite some time now:confused: . I think they are outdated. Need to get myself a new set with some decent subwoofers.
  25. PCJinx

    PCJinx Private First Class

    Speaker envy?

    Sample my setup.

    Let's see...
    My computer sound howls from an old POS Optimus stereo cranking out a butt kicking 50 watts per channel...
    Rated at that...
    Well... it tries.

    Added is a 24 band EQ to clean up the otherwise hollow, anemic sound.
    *like putting fuel injection and a turbo charger on a mini bike*

    But the speakers aren't bad.
    Two 3 way speaker cabs with 12 inch (35cm for the metric challenged) woofers that might handle 150 watts RMS.
    *Surround what?*

    So there ya go...
    Not bad huh?
    Read em' and laugh.
    I'll do the weeping.
  26. INeedAGig1210

    INeedAGig1210 Private E-2

    Same here

    Logitech Z-5300 5.1 System

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