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what can play undf files

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by realdealtn, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. realdealtn

    realdealtn Private E-2

    when i was recording using my web cam my computer shut down before i could save them. now it stills says it is a video avi file with all the space and everything but i can not find anything that will make it play. i have tried a couple of conversion software and codec but nothing works. it justs looks like a lost cause
  2. Spad

    Spad MajorGeek

    Have you tried the VLC player? I've rarely found video it can't play.

    Since you have already found the file, try this. Make a copy of it, and place it in a new folder on your desktop. Open the folder, go to tools, and set the folder to display hidden file extensions. What file extension is it? (.mpg, .mpeg4, .wmv, etc.). "UNDF" I believe means "Undefined" . . . you may have to manually define what kind of file it is supposed to be . . .

    First, check your camera's documentation and see what type of default file it saves video feeds as. Make sure the file on your PC has this extension - if not, rename it with the extension indicated - you will get a warning message that renaming the extension can make the file unplayable . . . ignore it. It already is. If that doesn't work, try some other common file extensions - try Test.mpg and see if that works. Then Test.avi, etc. You never know . . . it's a long shot but I've had sporadic success doing this with a balky file. Here is a page of file extensions that might be useful to you:


    Failing that, there are programs here at MG that will let you save files that are stored in your temporary cache file - like a video played on YouTube, or somtimes video from web cams, etc. Since your cam program crashed before the file could be saved normally via its software, it's worth a try to see if perhaps there is a version of the file, or part of it, still residing in your temp files. Check under the Multimedia tab for options. I've used a program called Cache Viewer that worked great for recovering .swf video from the temp cache - but there are others I think that may be better for what you need.
  3. Spad

    Spad MajorGeek

    I should add that the suggestions below are based on an assumption the OP is using XP or other windows based operating system . . .

    . . . and I wanted to add that the OP might consider installing a codec pack, in the event the codec required to play the file is missing or has been corrupted on the PC in question.
  4. plsrulz

    plsrulz Private E-2

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