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What does Nvidia driver do?

Discussion in 'Software' started by apollo1214, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. apollo1214

    apollo1214 Private E-2

    What is this driver for? I have a windows update for nforce Nvidia driver that wont update. My computer still seems to work just fine without it. Do I need to update it? I don't even know what it does. Any advise would be great, or if you need more info I can write back when I get home. I left all the specs on my home computer. But I thought this question would be vauge enough you may be able to help without it. Thanks.
  2. augiedoggie

    augiedoggie The Canadian Loon - LocoAugie (R.I.P. 2012)

    No, don't update the drivers with the Windows version! They are not as good as the ones from nVidia themselves and may even hurt your system. Just say no.:) Oh, the nForce ones are for your motherboard.
  3. lego126

    lego126 DJ's Geeky Dad

    It happens to me all the time. I am with auggie on this one. I ALWAYs go to the manufactures website for drivers and updates.

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