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What is a Tablet PC??

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by MTHall51, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. MTHall51

    MTHall51 Specialist

    Is a tablet PC a super small version of a notebook, OR is it kind of like a souped up Pocket PC or PDA? I was looking at some on eBay and couldn't figure out exactly what it is. Do they come with a fold out keyboard?
  2. InYearsToCome

    InYearsToCome MajorGeek

    A Tablet PC is simply what they call a notebook or ultra mobile notebook with a touch screen. Having a touch screen enables a lot of features, one of which is writing on it like you would on a tablet of paper, hence the name. :)
  3. MTHall51

    MTHall51 Specialist

    Thanks. I was wondering if it is something worth getting in place of my PDA.
    One thing I wonder is how you keep from getting scratches on the screen since you will be using a stylus I think. Price range looks pretty wide on the eBay listings.
  4. chookers

    chookers Staff Sergeant

    I have a special pen that came with my Palm and I haven't found any real problem with scratching. I imagine that the situation would be the same with a tablet PC. I get the impression that your PDA doesn't have on-screen writing, then?

    Something else to consider is the weight and size of the tablet. You need to consider whether it's viable for you to cart it around with you. I find the Palm I have at the moment (my second) is probably as big and heavy as I want at this stage of my life. Fits my handbag and anything bigger would be a nuisance. Size and weight are probably relevant to the price, as would newness (naturally!) of the tablet. Right now on eBay, I can see one with a 7 inch screen and plenty of room around the screen and weighs 0.9kg which is almost a kilogram (think of lugging around a packet of sugar!) and one which is 3 inches x 6 inches and if I read correctly, is 802 g in weight. (Don't you love the way they give the size in imperial measurements and the weight in metric?!) But of course, if I were a student carting books around, I'd probably prefer to leave the books at home and only take that.

    All the best.
  5. MTHall51

    MTHall51 Specialist

    My current PDA, the HP IPAQ hx4700, which is supposed to be one of the better models, does not have good handwriting recognition software. I got it because I wanted to switch from Palm back to Pocket PC/PDA. Now I am just finding out that I guess Outlook is needed to fully synch.
    You are right about not wanting to carry around a Tablet PC.

    Now I need to know if there is much difference between 2007 amd 2003 Outlook which I will need to learn.

    Thanks for the comments.
  6. InYearsToCome

    InYearsToCome MajorGeek

    just an aside, which may or may not be of interest to you...

    Google's ANDROID project is underway and expected to deliver a variety of internet savvy smart phones as early as the 2nd half of 08. If you can wait or find a temporary solution for now, there should be a whole string of very useful internet/pda/smartphone type devices out next year :)
  7. chookers

    chookers Staff Sergeant

    Was it because of Outlook that you wanted to switch back to PC/PDA? If so, I was wondering if this information was helpful to you.
    Source: http://www.palm.com/us/support/outlooksupport.html

    "VersaMail" is a link on that page.

    Would screen shots of Outlook 2007 help? I could do that if you tell me what you want screen shots of.
  8. MTHall51

    MTHall51 Specialist

    Thanks very much for your help. To be honest, I have never learned to use Outlook. My main reason for wanting to go back to the Pocket PC/PDA and quit Palm, is because I absolutely loved the screen size and resolution on the HP hx4700. What I did not understand was that apparently there are no PIM programs I like written for Win Mobile 5 that will also have a desktop version.
    After emailing tech support I was told that the only way to get my data to synch with my desktop, so I could send data both from the PDA to the PC, and from the PC to the PDA was if I was using Outlook to hold all the Contacts, Calendar, To do lists, and tasks.

    I'm sorry to say I don't know what I need a screen shot of. Bottom line is I was trying to guess at which version of Outlook would be the most user friendly, with the shortest learning curve -- the 2003 version or the 2007 version. Have you used both versions?
  9. Deckard

    Deckard Private E-2

    If you are looking for tablet PCs, then do note that there are great differences in build quality, specifications and performance between the different models. Do your research properly on notebookreview.com or similar before spending money on one. I had an old first gen Toshiba Portege Tablet PC for a while, and if was fun to use, especially for writing emails and taking notes in class, but very slow for general usage. (It had only a P-III CPU) The latest versions are pretty fast and easy to use.

    But a tablet is not small or light enough to be a substitute for a PDA. An ultramobile PC would be a better bet, however they are pretty expensive...
  10. chookers

    chookers Staff Sergeant

    No, I haven't, sorry. I've only just got Office 2007, never had 2003 but a friend has 2003 and I don't know if the peculiar layout she has is default or her son while visiting rearranged it on her. I need to learn my way around it myself, after which I intend visiting her again if I find that I could make her layout easier to use and less confusing.

    Another member has recently got 2007; we were talking about it one day in the shout box. I'll see if I can find out who that was - perhaps they have used the 2003 version and would be able to help you on that one.
  11. chookers

    chookers Staff Sergeant

    No, it's gone.

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