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Whats Wrong With My Game?! (GTA San Andreas For PC)

Discussion in 'Software' started by hackingme08, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. hackingme08

    hackingme08 Private E-2

    hi i got some problem on my Computer i reformatted it yesterday i only used my computer this 24 hours ago but i got some little problem now It Started When i Install/Reinstall the game called ( GTA San Andreas ) that's my 3x from reinstall/uninstall or several times i was running smoothly before but after i restart my PC suddenly the Window Loading Screen takes minutes to finish back to Window Login Screen but before its like seconds also my computer is greater weaker also the game theres also a weird writings at the very top of my internet browsers that cannot be removed whatever web are you on..can someone help me about this situation please!
  2. hugh750

    hugh750 MajorGeek

    You might want to scan for spyware and viruses.
  3. spawndemon0

    spawndemon0 Corporal

    defrag probably? and reg edit are my guess' besides a virus or something along the lines of that

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