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Where to get RAS Async Adapter

Discussion in 'Software' started by docfxit, Sep 17, 2005.

  1. docfxit

    docfxit Private E-2

    Does anyone know where I can get the RAS Async Adapter For XP Pro?


  2. Novice

    Novice MajorGeek

    I just did a Google search for the file that you mentioned, and the first site on the search offers it for download, although it is a redirect to MicroSoft. You will have to use IE to download! :)
  3. docfxit

    docfxit Private E-2

    If you used RAS Async Adapter in your search the first one listed is "for use on HP Alpha Systems" This is an IBM Thinkpad.

    The second one listed looks like it might work even though it's an old version. When it redirects me to a MicroSoft site it doesn't direct me to a download. It brings up the Windows Update screen. Since the problem PC can't connect to the internet I can't use Windows Update.

    Thanks for trying.

  4. Novice

    Novice MajorGeek

    Thanks for the "thank you" and I'm sorry that my suggestion didn't work. I was curious about this as my search inquiries said that this was an OS provided driver? I haven't given up, just tired as my inital reply was when I came in from a funeral. :)

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