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Which Antivirus?

Discussion in 'Software' started by exeter_acres, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. exeter_acres

    exeter_acres Sergeant

    OK...I posted a Thread about Norton over in the lounge and many people said it is awful...

    What is the best and why? I have used Norton for a few years with no problems...
    I am willing to pay for protection so it doesn't have to be free...

    and if this is in the wrong place, please move ....thanks
  2. Jabman

    Jabman Private First Class

    The one you are most comfortable with and the one that would best suit you surfing habits (the major factor really) :).

  3. bern

    bern Sergeant

    i am using nortons i had a few problems with 2003 version where every now and again something would turn my firewall off or my anti virus . but on installing 2004 i got virus and had to reinstall win xp . now been using 2004 since the beginnig of year and touch wood it is great so far BUT if i have anymore problems i will kick it out for sure!!!!!!! :rolleyes:
  4. Greyhound

    Greyhound Sergeant

    I have used Nortons for years and really liked it. I have since downloaded a free AVG and really like it better. Of course it is still what you are comfortable with.
  5. bern

    bern Sergeant

    this might sound silly and not having a go at you but was your nortons up to date . the reason being is that i am not 100% convinced that nortons is the best and am thinking of changing
  6. flip

    flip Private First Class

    i posted a list of the top anti-virus programs in this thread - http://www.majorgeeks.com/vb/showthread.php?t=24866 there were some people that said the test wasn't fair or run corrrectly (i disagree but thats my .02) but the list will give you a heads up on the top rated av's
  7. Adrynalyne

    Adrynalyne Guest

    I've had Panda catch that which Norton has not.

    And yes, thats up to date with intelligent updater, not crappy live update.
  8. Endi

    Endi Lt. Links

    I use panda too. and the updates are very good. I had 2004 and for reasons posted here on another thread decided to go back to 2003.

    I am still waiting for them to reply

    edit Here is the thread

    Last edited: Jan 10, 2004
  9. Adrynalyne

    Adrynalyne Guest

    I'm using 2003 waiting on going to 2004 until i hear back too :D
  10. Kodo


    the test used viruses specifically from the databases of several AV's mentioned in the introduciton.. surprisingly, the top AV's were among that list..? hardly an accurate run if you ask me.
  11. billH

    billH Master Sergeant

    I've been using Avast AV Home Edition (Free) and it's fared well in online virus tests. I really like the prompt and helpful tech support (one tecchie emailed me from a cyber cafe in paris -- he was in the middle of his vacation -- to answer my question) and the frequent updates (automatic or you make the call) of the Virus Database, sometimes they come in at a rate of three or five a week. The program update notifications are the same, whenever the proggie changes they notify you promptly. There's an Avast Pro Edition also.
  12. alanc

    alanc MajorGeek

    Wow robo, that's quite a surprise! :eek:

    Exactly. Whatever you use, make sure you keep it up to date with the latest virus defs and program updates.

    I'll cast another vote for Avast, I've had it and AVG both catch nasties that Norton missed. And both come in freeware and shareware (pay) versions. Norton and McAfee are both over-rated, especially considering the price/performance ratio of the freebies.
  13. SlideGumby

    SlideGumby Private E-2

  14. Mocean

    Mocean Guest

    why does it suck? It doesnt catch things....you dont think its bad because you dont know that its not catching something.
    #1 choice - Kaspersky, very reliable & catchs ANYTHING
    #2 choice - AVG, they have a free ver too
    #3 choice - Antivir, they have a free ver too
  15. billH

    billH Master Sergeant

    Um . . . why does what suck?
  16. MamboSepian

    MamboSepian Private E-2

    I use Panda and Norton together and both have been a good one and two punch
  17. Atar Singh

    Atar Singh Private E-2

    Please provide latest Norton Anti virus
  18. Atar Singh

    Atar Singh Private E-2

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