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Which laptop?!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by TomLS, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. TomLS

    TomLS Private E-2

    Hope you can help, because I don't know which is the most important factor for what I want it for!

    Is a slightly faster processor with a higher cache better? or is masses of RAM a big deal (I can upgrade this later if needs be), or is the graphics card the most important factor when all else is quite closely matched?...

    It's to be used for everything, word processing to heavy LAN gaming, and playing high-end games like FEAR and Doom 3.

    All have 100/120Gb HDD @5400RPM, and 15.4" screens. Battery life isn't important to me really.
    I want a laptop definitely, and not a Desktop.

    My shortlist is:

    MSI 677:
    1.6Ghz Turion 64, 1.8Ghz FSB, 1Mb Cache,
    1Gb 533Mhz DDR2 RAM,
    Nvidia Go7600.

    Asus F3J:
    1.83Ghz Core 2 Duo, 667Mhz FSB, 2Mb Cache,
    1Gb 667Mhz DDR2 RAM,
    ATI X1700 (on F3JP) / ATI X1600 (on F3JA) / Nvidia Go7600 (on F3JV).

    (NB: Worth noting that I can't afford to upgrade RAM if I go for the X1700 card model, as it's already pushing on my £900 budget)

    Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pi:
    2.00 Ghz Core 2 Duo, 667Mhz FSB, 4Mb Cache,
    2Gb 667Mhz DDR2 RAM,
    ATI X1400.

    My current system is:
    Acer Aspire 5672WLMI
    1.66Ghz Core Duo, 667Mhz FSB, 2Mb Cache,
    2Gb 667Mhz DDR2 RAM,
    ATI X1400.
    120GB Hdd
    15.4" screen.
    Only problem is it's a piece of poo, and keeps breaking, and Acers Customer care is woeful at best, so I'm replacig it with something that's not an Acer!!!

    Thinks for your time.

    Last edited: Feb 7, 2007
  2. Fallen Angel

    Fallen Angel Private First Class

    i would take the fujitsu for its 2.0 dual core.. if your graphics are what you need now then get it....
    make a lil graph...

    Chip 1 3 2
    Ram 1 2 2
    Video Card ? ? ?
    FSB 2 1 2

    just a little break down... im not too sure of the video cards... hows the x1400 now? (the one in your current machine)
  3. Orbital57

    Orbital57 Private First Class

    I would go with the Asus myself. I've found all the hardware I've bought of theirs to be excellent quality.

    I'd also check out the GPU choices on TomsHardware -


    Their charts let you directly compaire 2 cards at once and benchmark on several games, they're pretty good comparison charts.

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