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which online university?

Discussion in 'Majorgeeks Welcome Center' started by spooky369, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. spooky369

    spooky369 Private E-2

    hello fellow geeks. i've been lurking for some time and have found tons of solutions to various probs. thanks to all! finally decided to register. i am looking into programs for certs and degrees for computer repair. does anyone have any suggestions? im thinking of penn foster, but dont know if their classes are worth a hoot. not really interested in doing the 4 yr thing. help me out here...i need some educated input...

  2. Rikky

    Rikky Wile E. Coyote - One of a kind

    Welcome Spooky:) Cant help you with your search,it would be easier if you stated your age and location:confused:

    One of the members here just passed an American A+ computer repair course:confused: ,I dont know if this is what your looking for but I'v sent him as message see if he can pass on the details of the course\courses he took :)
  3. rogvalcox

    rogvalcox MajorGeek

    I have just gotten my A+ Cert and I am currently working on my Net+, and I'm currently enrolled at Microtrain and it seems to be working pretty good for me!! Being like you...I didn't want to spend the time to do the college thing, so I opted for the certs. Being that I am not as self disciplined as others and this has taken almost a year already (solely because of me!!) when it should have taken only a couple three months...if I had to do it again...I would go the junior college route, to atleast get my foot in the door!! But that's not to say it wouldn't work great for you...obviously there are a lot of people that do it quickly and successfully, or these cert. companies wouldn't be in business!!

    For the A+ and the Net+ classes it cost somwhere around $2500.00 if I recall correctly. That includes a VERY thick book for reading on the specific material...along with the option of going into the school and attending the instructor led classes and/or just doing it on your own via the internet lessons and the book, then once you feel you are comfortable with it...you go into the school to take the actual test, which is also included in the price.

    I found the A+ relatively simple since I had been on the self teach wagon for a couple of years, but the Net+ has been proving to be pretty tough as I haven't divulged into networking much other than easy home setups...that and I am doing the internet and book method, and I'm here to tell you...you better be self disciplined...otherwise it will take you forever, like it has me!! With building a new house, then moving, then a new job, then a new baby right around the corner...I haven't been at it as hard as I should be!! But I will get it!!

    Check out the website...you might like it...heck, give them a call and throw some questions at them...might be right down your alley!!


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