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Who is disabling my Firewall?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by KittenBits, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. KittenBits

    KittenBits Guest

    I have ZoneAlarm's firewall on my system. I've noticed that my Firewall XP is constantly being disabled. I thought if I run both it would be great. Is it ZoneAlarm that is disabling my XP firewall or is it a bug?

    Two weeks ago, I had Sygate then suddenly the sygate stopped working. I downloaded Comodo and it killed my puter big time. Before it died, comodo asked me if it is okay to continue being with other puters...HUH? of course I said no, then my task bar disappeared then the rest of it...

    I re-formatted my hard drive, something new for me... Everything seems fine except for my firewall being secretly disabled. I have cable networking. Is ZoneAlarm truly effective or should I try another?

    Your input is greatly appreciated..

  2. KittenBits

    KittenBits Guest

    HMMMMmmmmm.... I guess no one can answer my question. No prob...Life resumes....

  3. comperroruter

    comperroruter Darth Meatloaf

    ZoneAlarm is probably disabling Windows firewall, and you do not have to run both. Windows is good for stopping incoming traffic, not outgoing traffic. ZoneAlarm controls both. I had ZoneAlarm awhile ago and seem to remember it disabling Windows firewall. Bottom line is you do not need to have both running. Just use ZoneAlarm, it will do the job sufficiently.
  4. KittenBits

    KittenBits Guest

    Thank you sooo much comperroruter for the info...it is greatly appreciated. Now I can go on the internet without fear...

  5. candive

    candive Corporal

    Zone Alarm Disables the Windows Firewall by Default.
    More than one software firewall will slow your connection speed.

    Zone Alarm is very effective, however there is always human error.
    Right now Norton is leading in efficiency.

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