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WiFi/Internet Connection problem.

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Imsolost, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Imsolost

    Imsolost Private E-2

    Please help because I am seriously lost.

    First let me qualify by stating I am a Novice at best when it comes to computers, so any help or replies, please bear that in mind and make your replies user-friendly for those of us who see computer language as a foreign language :)

    Ok, I recently signed up for Comcast Internet service who uses Arris Gateway modems. Unfortunately, after the modem/internet was installed I can't get online via WiFi. This was not a problem I've ever experienced with AT&T.

    I can however get on line and connect to the internet if I plug my laptop directly into the modem via the Ethernet cable. But if I unplugging the Ethernet the signal is poor to fair at best which causes me to get dropped from the internet in. Therefore, I am relegated to sitting literally 3 feet away from the modem in order to get WiFi.

    The tech support came out and changed the modem with a brand new one and I still have to problem because they can't figure it out, so I checked all outdated drivers and recently downloaded the following:

    1) 296.10 Notebook
    2) Dell_multi touchpad
    3) MB_driver_wlan-wb300d (atheros) BTW, my network adapter is the AR9258
    4) Slave_driver (audio)
    5) NVIDIA_MCP729_chipset V1552
    6) NB_driver T1006M_wn7-32 (card reader)

    All of which is totally foreign to me. I'm running Win7, 32-bit on an MSI computer.

    Anyone who can offer assistance or help me resolve this problem would be of great help.

    Thank you.
  2. shnerdly

    shnerdly MajorGeek

    What is the model number of the Arris Modem?

    Do You also have telephone through you Cable Company?

    Are you using a standalone Router? If so what is the make and model?
  3. Imsolost

    Imsolost Private E-2

    Hi Shnerdly,

    I have the Arris Telephone Gateway Modem, so it's an all-in-one which runs both the phone line and the internet.

    And yes, I do now have the same cable and phone company.
  4. shnerdly

    shnerdly MajorGeek

    You didn't provide any model numbers or information regarding a router?
  5. Imsolost

    Imsolost Private E-2

    My deepest apology. I truly appreciate your help and patience.

    I couldn't find the model number nomenclature on the box or manual so I checked the unit itself. The model number is Arris TC862 if that helps.

    Thanks again for your assistance Shnerdly.
  6. shnerdly

    shnerdly MajorGeek

    The make and model of the units involved are almost always necessary to offer specific help. You still didn't mention a Router. Is it built in to the Modem?

    I'm unable to locate any information on an Arris TC862 cable modem. They do make several versions of the TG862. They are all in one units having the emta for phone, DOCSIS 3.0 for internet and also a wireless gateway. Does that sound like what you have?
  7. Imsolost

    Imsolost Private E-2

    Hi Shnerdly,

    I realize the importance of the make/model of the unit in order to help, but I unfortunately couldn't find it after your first question but managed to find it afterwards. So again I really appreciate your patience with my lack of knowledge.

    Ok, in response to the other question you mentioned. No, there is not separate router and this one is in fact an EMTA wireless modem. I remember the sales rep telling me that Comcast does in fact use the Arris D3 (DOCSIS) which I hope is helpful to you to facilitate helping me.

    Look forward to hearing your response.
  8. shnerdly

    shnerdly MajorGeek

    I will assume that the wifi is 802.11N.

    Have you verified that the wifi is turned on in the Modem/Router?

    Do you have any other appliances near the Modem/Router such as a cordless phone receiver? If so, try turning the receiver off and test the strength of the wifi signal.

    Did you assign a unique SSID to the wifi and are you sure your accessing the correct SSID?
  9. shnerdly

    shnerdly MajorGeek

    This page should get you to the setup manual for your Modem/Router
  10. Imsolost

    Imsolost Private E-2

    Yes, the WiFi is the 802.11. When I downloaded Driver Max, it confirmed this drive on my system. Also, the Wifi is turned on because I have access to Wifi Intermittently provided I am sitting right next to the modem/router. ie, if I walk 3 feet away from the modem I get dropped from the internet and my signal reads poor to fair at best.

    Also, the Comcast tech installed the modem/router next to my HP printer which also has Wifi, but he also relocated it downstairs away from the printer
    but the problem still persisted. Of note also is the correct SSID has been entered and but when I get a weak signal causing me to be dropped, the SSID on my available networks can't be found.

    Furthermore, even my printer can't find and located the modem/router when I try to manually locate it on my printer menu, never mind my failed attempts to locate my printer via Wifi connection. Connecting my printer to Wifi via the USB plug into my laptop is also unobtainable, so I"m so confused.
  11. Imsolost

    Imsolost Private E-2

    The Comcast tech went through a diagnostic and according to him, the modem/router was properly installed. Additionally, I went to the site which advises that Win7 already contains all necessary drivers for the modem. So, what next?
  12. shnerdly

    shnerdly MajorGeek

    Take a look at the manual for the TG862. I think it was on page 16 or so, it offered information on how to improve the wifi signal.

    Additionally, all computer wifi signals are 802.11 but there are specifics that further identify it by an alpha character, I suspect your Router is 802.11N. I'll also make you aware that in the "N" architecture, there are a lot more hardware incompatibilities then there were in the "B" and "G" architecture especially where the device controller is more then a couple of years older then the Routers controller.
  13. Imsolost

    Imsolost Private E-2

    Hi Shnerdly,

    Thanks again for getting back to me and for the advice. I did go to the website and read the manual for improving the signal which offered general guidelines such as; moving or relocating the modem so that its not close any other Wifi devices without anything specifically technical.

    Apparently, the model I have is a 802.11g according the nomenclature on the box which strangely isn't contained in the manual. Nevertheless, a so-called tech came out yesterday to troubleshoot the problem of the weak and lost Wifi signal but couldn't figure it out. He attached a separate (stand alone) router and the Wifi signal on my laptop still couldn't be established for any length of time and would drop off the Internet.

    What he and I also found interesting was how my network showed my secured SSID along with a duplicate SSID that was unsecured. His assessment that the problem with the weak signal and inability to maintain Wifi is because the signal is split. He also attempted to log onto my network with his own notebook but couldn't get a signal at all, this included his cell phone as well, all of which he attributes to me being in a dead zone.

    Clearly he couldn't figure it out and recommended calling to have yet another tech come out and try to see if they can figure out how to alleviate the split signal, but it appears that Comcast's people don't truly have the technical expertise to thoroughly troubleshoot and completely resolve the problem. It is my preference that they do figure out and resolve the problem but if they can't I'm afraid I may have to cancel my service with them.

    Any further recommendations?

  14. shnerdly

    shnerdly MajorGeek

    I have never seen a wifi signal split with one part secured and one part not. I suspect interference from another wifi source in your area.

    Netstumblr is an old but worthy utility that will seek all wifi connections in your area. Install it on your laptop and see what it shows. If it doesn't show anything at first, try changing the device in the drop down menu.
  15. Imsolost

    Imsolost Private E-2


    I downloaded the Netstumblr which couldn't find my network adapter. So I went to the Network via the control panel to run a diagnostic where I saw the duplicate SSID's. Although I disabled the one it didn't resolve the problem. In fact, I'm still getting a fair to Excellent signal even with the Ethernet cable being connected.

    I did a diagnostic in the control panel and got 2 different messages and results

    1) The connection between your access point, router, or cable modem to the internet is broken-Detected

    2) Problem with wireless adapter access point-fixed.

    Yet, the problem is not fixed and I still have the problem.

    The Netstumblr can't find my adapter, I'm getting conflicting diagnostics with Windows which is confusing me all the more. This is so frustrating for someone with absolutely no computer experience.

  16. shnerdly

    shnerdly MajorGeek

    Did you go to the Device drop down menu and select the alternate controller?

    I don't understand at all what you did in the above quote. The SSID and wifi connection do not have anything at all to do with the ethernet connection.
  17. Imsolost

    Imsolost Private E-2


    I was simply pointing out that the problem is so bad that even with an Ethernet connection the signal is intermittent.

    As for the alternate controller. I didn't see any drop-down box in the Netstumblr that offered this option. Remember, the Netstumblr software couldn't find my network adapter.
  18. shnerdly

    shnerdly MajorGeek

    An ethernet connection doesn't have a signal like a wifi connection. I'm still confused. Connecting or not connecting the ethernet cable will not influence the signal to the wifi controller. They are two completely separate hardware devices that make completely independent connections

    At the top of Netstumbler there are drop down menus for File, Edit, View, Device, Window and Help. Is there no second option in the Device Drop Down Menu?
  19. Imsolost

    Imsolost Private E-2

    Hi S,

    Yes there is a Device Drop Down option there and there are 2 things listed. However, the first 2 listed as follows does not provide an option to choose these.

    1) Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (but is says unknown device-unsupported)

    2) NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller ( also unsupported)

    3) Use any suitable device. This is the only option option that is checked and the other 2 can't be selected or checked.
  20. shnerdly

    shnerdly MajorGeek

    Maybe the program is too old for the controller you have, I wish they would come out with a new version.

    Try this nirsoft utility. It's more up to date.
  21. Imsolost

    Imsolost Private E-2

    I downloaded this software and deleted it before installing because I scanned it with AVG and it had 2 viruses.

    This is sooooo frustrating. Argh..lol
  22. handygal

    handygal Sergeant Major

    Those are false positives, apologies for not warning. It is safe to run it. AVG doesn't like the way the program searches for the solution, it is similar to the way some malware works. It is not malware.

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