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WIFI network help needed plz

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Still Learning, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. Still Learning

    Still Learning Private First Class

    I have a belkin G router and i used to not have any problems with it and playing my xbox 360 and useing the laptop wirelessly. Recently it stopped working, it just keeps saying looking for network, or aquring network address, and a couple times i got it connected but it said little or no connevity message and i could not even get on google.com

    could this because i recently installed a wamware workstation running bridged connections wth gentoo, windows server 2008, ubuntu? or can it be something simple maybe like the antennae is broke? it is because its a cheap belkin router and maybe the antennas broke? the wired connections work on it.. this is the belkin router i am useing


    i got it at walmart and my friend said its a peice of 5hit, my xbox does not connect via wireless anymore eaither, i even reset the router to no PW's , no security at all before and nothing connected via wifi*
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2008
  2. akhilles

    akhilles First Sergeant

    Describe your entire networking setup.


    How many pcs and what oses? Do you mean VmWare? It's an emulation program that runs another os in your current os. It shouldn't interfere with your working network. If you suspect it, uninstall it.

    Can you connect to the router from pc through 802.11g? b? If you can't connect to the router from pc wirelessly, the router may be faulty.
  3. Still Learning

    Still Learning Private First Class

    Modem> Router-then PC-PC-PC-Xbox

    i can connect from the pc via ethernet cable, but nothing wirelessly now. I am useing windows Pro and XP on the PCs, VMware i am running is gentoo, windows server 2008 enterprise and if VMware would not interfere with it , then i am thinking it is a faulty wifi connection from the router. :(
  4. akhilles

    akhilles First Sergeant

    Disable wireless encryption. You should do a firmware update & reset the 1st time you got the router. If your pc can't connect to router without encryption, time for return/rma.
  5. Still Learning

    Still Learning Private First Class

    I actully got it working today by accident. I had my PC turned off (the one i use the most and has VMware on it) and had the ethernet cable unplugged and the wifi started working.. then after i plugged it back in it stopped working, so it seems to be something with when my ethernet is plugged in on my main desktop pc with the vmware the wifi doesnt work..

    very weird
  6. cat5e

    cat5e MajorGeek

    Make sure that the DHCP can give out enough IPs for all Network Devices.

    Any computer running virtual is an independent computer from Network perspective.

    WinXP Home support 5 Concurrent network connection. Win XP Pro 10 connections.

    Make sure that you are Not exceeding these numbers.

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