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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by alexp91, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. alexp91

    alexp91 Private E-2

    I'm currently using 2Wire DSL, but I've convinced my family we should make the transition to WiFi. They have a couple of questions about it, so I'd like to ask them here if it's not too much trouble.

    Is it really as simple as buying a WiFi router and hooking it up to receive a WiFi connection (or can you only receive WiFi if you live in a certain area)?
    Is it more expensive than DSL, on average?
    Will it extend to cover the whole property of the house, or can the range depend upon asking the WiFi provider?

    Thanks a lot
  2. xratedsoldier

    xratedsoldier Private E-2

    Wireless is almost as easy as what you said. Here is what you need to do:

    1. Make sure your equipment is wireless capable, each computer needs to have a wireless access card.

    2. Purchase a wireless router.

    3. Connect wireless router to your DSL modem via ethernet.

    4. Make sure you encrypt your wireless connection and be sure to use the passkey on all of the devices you are connecting.

    Now, depending on how big your house is, your wireless router should reach wherever you will need it. It should work fine for around 300ft.

    *Also, I am not sure if you are talking about using a wireless card like cingular or sprint, something like that. But in my opinion I wouldn't because it works just like a cell phone and most of those aren't very economical(costs to damned much)

    Hope that helps
  3. alexp91

    alexp91 Private E-2

    If I'm understanding this right, I'd have to pay for both WiFi and still maintain my DSL connection, therefore paying double?

    Then it wouldn't be very economical.

  4. Colemanguy

    Colemanguy MajorGeek

    No thats not right, you would purchase a router and wifi cards, but thats a one time thing,
  5. alexp91

    alexp91 Private E-2

    Ohhhh so if I get a wireless router, there's no extra monthly charge for that? I keep paying for my DSL, and the wireless cards + router are all a one time thing?

    That sounds a lot better, if they aren't too expensive.
  6. cat5e

    cat5e MajorGeek

    No matter wta you need a Wireless Router.

    However it might be that your 2Wire DSL is a combo Modem/Router.

    In such a case the Wireless Router should be connected as a switch with an Access Point.

    See here, http://www.ezlan.net/router_AP.html

    My personal recommendation would be.

    For general use when No extra strong Wireless is needed I would go with this, Zyxel 330 -


    More features and a little better coverage this, Zyxel 550 -


    Disclaimer, I have No connection to any vendor, and No gain from recommending Network Hardware. I periodically choose hardware that performs well and is Not very expensive.

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