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Will a bad battery on a laptop make it over heat?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by brahman, May 24, 2009.

  1. brahman

    brahman Specialist

    The results are in and my battery is definitely not functioning in my laptop. The problem I face is that my laptop only shuts down when it is overly hot. The only reason it shut down early while it was hot was that I believe my power cord was nudged and it shut down. I left the laptop on all night and it did not shut down, and I had my fan on it so no over heating.

    So is it worth it to buy a new battery? Will a new battery "most likely" stop my over heating? Or is that something a bad battery just doesn't do?
  2. stable-cottage

    stable-cottage Private E-2

    it is unlikely that you have a problem with your battery. It is far more likely to be a problem with a poor connection in the DC power jack socket you plug your adaptor plug into.
    A poor connection will not route the power to the battery . If you can wiggle the power adaptor plug when it is inserted in the laptop socket then it needs a new DC jack socket soldering to the motherboard.
    Its a complete strip down job which is time consuming and expensive and its extremely easy to break fragile parts or fry static sensitive components if you DIY

    the overheating is lilkely to be an unrelated issue and can often be improved by cleaning out the heatsink fins and fan which again means dismantling the laptop
  3. brahman

    brahman Specialist

    I can definitely move the plug-in around it's socket to the laptop. It is not stiff at all.

    Very sad, but happy as I get to shop for new computers. Does anyone have experience with Costco? How are their warranties?
  4. dlb

    dlb MajorGeek

    I agree: the battery is not the cause of overheating. You can test this by removing the battery, plugging in the laptop power cord, and run the PC as you normally do when it overheats and shuts off. It is completely normal for a laptop to turn off when it's too hot; it's a protection feature so components don't get damaged.. However, it is NOT normal for this to happen on a regular basis. I would check the fans and vents to be sure they are clean and working as they should be. "Nudging" the power cord should not cause a PC to shut off unless there's a problem with the power jack on the laptop. You can get a faulty power jack professionally replaced/repaired for about $150.00, maybe less if you shop around a bit.

    :)-o I just realized that I more-or-less repeated everything that stable-cottage said above... ooooops! rolleyes )

    EDIT- I do not recommend buying a PC from CostCo. They have decent warranties but offer absolutely NO service or support of any kind. If you have a blown or broken power jack (for example) they will swap out the PC and you'd lose all your data on the hard drive. They do not allow you to swap hard drives, and may not even replace the PC with the same model or brand: a friend of mine had a 2 year warranty on a laptop he bought from Costco and the video chip died after about 14 months. They told him they'd replace it with an 'equal value item' and that the model he had was no longer available. He ended up spending $225 to get a board-level component replacement and had a new video chip micro-soldered to the motherboard so he wouldn't lose his data, and he didn't want Vista forced on him with the 'equal value' PC.

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