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Windows 10 Search Function...can't Figure It Out

Discussion in 'Software' started by cornflakes, May 15, 2017.

  1. cornflakes

    cornflakes Private First Class

    I've read a lot of sites saying how Windows 10's search function is the best ever. I don't understand how it is.
    It seems to be the worst.

    I have a folder where I save all my screen shots. Every screen shot is saved starting with the name SnapShot_xxxxxxxx (x = the year/month/day of when the screen shot was taken). I have probably over 10,000 screen shots saved up over the years. When I go to the search bar and type in 'SnapShot' or 'SnapShot_' it doesn't find any of my files. In fact, it tries to give me all these suggestions to search on the internet for it.

    How dumb is that? I'm not looking for any of my files on the internet! The search option's purpose is to find files that are in computer/hard drive, yet 90% of all my suggestions or findings on any search I try to do is always directing me to search on the internet for it.

    On XP or even Win 7, I could type in the word 'SnapShot' and it would show/load every single file/document/image that has the word 'SnapShot' in it. I could select the option "show results" and it would open up a new window and show me the thousands of thousands of files it found on my computer. Windows 10 doesn't seem to be able to do that. I can't find an option also where to "show all results". I can only see the top 4 or 5 posted in their list.

    Am I missing something or am I not using windows 10 search option correctly. It seems rather self-explanatory that a search option is simple and easy to use right? Just type in the name of the file or part of the name of the file to find it and done! Why can't windows 10 do that?

    The only way I could find my file was to actually know the exact name of the file and then it would finally show up. But that doesn't make any sense. I'm trying to use the search option because I don't know what the file name is so how could I type in the exact name of the file in the first place? The whole reason for the search option is to be able to type in just a word or two that might be part of the file name so that it can pull up all the files that have those word(s) in it and then you find it easy.
  2. MaxTurner

    MaxTurner MajorGeek

  3. fankieh

    fankieh Private E-2

    When you click in the search box to type, are you clicking on the boxes directly above to make a choice...Apps...Documents....Web..?
  4. cornflakes

    cornflakes Private First Class

    Thanks but I just checked it out and it doesn't allow you to view your results as thumbnails. There's no point in pulling 10,000 file names without being able to see what it looks like...I'd have to click on every single one to open it up and see if that's the right file.

    Windows XP or 7's search function allowed you to view all results as thumbnails. Still don't get why something so simple is so hard for them to make.
  5. cornflakes

    cornflakes Private First Class

    It doesn't matter whether I click on documents or apps...the results don't show up. I just get a lot of suggestions to search on the internet for my file LOL. *facepalm*
  6. locodave

    locodave Corporal

    If you are typing in the box to the right of the windows icon ( Type here to search) . Lower bottom left on the screen.

    Try R/clicking on the windows icon, you will see File Explorer. Left click on it. You might see the file listed. Or do a search Quick Access in the box displayed.

    On looking at things. Go to view. Top tab on the right. I have view tiles on mine.
    Last edited: May 16, 2017
  7. fankieh

    fankieh Private E-2

    Why not just search in File Explorer, as locodave suggested, and have view set to thumbnails?
  8. mjnc

    mjnc MajorGeek

    I know how aggravating that can be.
    Here are some tips that should help you get it working properly.
    Explicitly adding your special folder to the search indexing options and rebuilding the index may help, but be sure to try the first tips listed.

    Fix Search Not Working in Windows 10

    Windows 10/8/7 Search Indexer Tips
  9. wile e coyote

    wile e coyote Command Sergeant Major

    If you tried to disable cortana in any way this all so could be a issue.Disabling cortana will disable the search function.
  10. MaxTurner

    MaxTurner MajorGeek

    No it shouldn't.
    I've had Cortana disabled on 4 Win 10 systems from the get go. Search works fine.
    Last edited: May 19, 2017
  11. wile e coyote

    wile e coyote Command Sergeant Major

    Depends on how you disable it.
  12. MaxTurner

    MaxTurner MajorGeek

  13. wile e coyote

    wile e coyote Command Sergeant Major

    The old way was to disable it through the C drive file they must've fixed the issue sine than.
  14. MaxTurner

    MaxTurner MajorGeek

    How can there have been such a method? That article showing how to simply turn it off with a simple click was published the day after Win 10 was released, nearly two years ago. I've never seen an article or any online guide detailing the method you suggest. If you have a link to it it would be useful to see it.
    The several software programs released to deal with Win 10 privacy issues (O&O Shut Up 10, Win10 Privacy etc) all simply automate the manual method.
  15. wile e coyote

    wile e coyote Command Sergeant Major

    Last edited: May 20, 2017
  16. MaxTurner

    MaxTurner MajorGeek

    That's a forum thread not a guide, No one with experience would risk doing all that when it's simply not needed.
    With Cortana simply turned off my searches in Win 10 happen in fractions of a second.

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