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Windows 7 - Best Malware-Prevention??

Discussion in 'Software' started by zapp, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. zapp

    zapp Staff Sergeant

    On Windows XP Pro I have been using Malwarebytes anti-malware. is this a good one for Windows 7 or is there something better?
    I am using AVAST 5 for virus and realtime scans....

    thx for tips
  2. sikvik

    sikvik Corporal Karma

  3. motc7

    motc7 Vice Admiral (Starfleet)

    I would say stick with Malwarebytes. It serves me well.

    Also, I use Avast! on my computer for constant protection and it's been a good thing for me.
  4. zapp

    zapp Staff Sergeant

    thanks folks. Just wasn't sure if these things actually were ported properly to win7

  5. zapp

    zapp Staff Sergeant

    one more question: did you guys who are running Win7 UNinstall Windows Defender, or just turn it off?
    seems it is entangled with Win7 to a degree it did not enjoy in XP...
  6. sikvik

    sikvik Corporal Karma

    On my machines it's running.TBH you can turn it off. It's never warned me of any thing. Avast and Avira always flagged files and rogue sites. But then that's in my case.
  7. zapp

    zapp Staff Sergeant

    i turned it off.

    my experience with that animal on XP Pro was not good. consumptive, erratic... i was never sure if it actually worked or was just taking up otherwise precious resources. unfortunately on the Win7 machine it doesn't even appear in the add/remove programs list. I didn't know it was there until it started hammering my hard drive, then I went snooping for it.... No "uninstall" applet to be found.
  8. dr.moriarty

    dr.moriarty Malware Super Sleuth Staff Member


    Being a service integrated into Windows starting with Vista, it is only recommended to disable it.


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