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Windows could not start Print Spooler service on local computer. Error 1068.

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by droonbait, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. droonbait

    droonbait Private E-2

    I have an Acer Aspire M3910 desktop PC running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit version. The processor is an Intel i3 540 @3.07 GHz, and the system has 7 GB RAM. Until recently my printer has been working normally, but now it will not print.

    When I try to print I get the message "No printers are installed. To install a printer, point to Settings on the Windows Start menu, click Printers and then double click Add Printer. Follow the instructions in the wizard" - which since I have an Epson SX 535WD already installed seems a little unhelpful.

    On going into Services in the Win 7 Computer Management module (Start, right click on "Computer" and then "Manage" in the dropdown menu), I find that the Print Spooler is not started.

    When trying to restart from the dropdown menu appearing after a right-click on "Print Spooler", I get the following message: "Windows could not start the Print Spooler service on Local Computer. Error 1068: The dependency service or group failed to start."

    On checking on the Print Spooler Properties, and the dependencies tab, the following box appears.

    The Remote Procedure Call service is set to Automatic and is started. It does not therefore seem to be the problem. I cannot find any entry in the services for the HTTP entry.

    I am stumped as to how to get the print spooler to restart and would appreciate any help anyone can offer.

    I should add that I have read all the threads dealing with similar problems that the forum offered, but none seemed to help. Most are relating to systems using much older operating systems anyway.

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  2. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

  3. droonbait

    droonbait Private E-2

    As of this morning, my printer seemed to be working normally. I had previously started working through the Blackviper guidance, but do not believe I had altered any settings before I shut down last night, so I am rather mystified as to why things suddenly appear to be back to normal.

    Based on past experience, the printer could well stop working again. If it does I will revisit the BV advice and update you on the outcome.

    In the meantime may I thank you for your prompt response to my plea for help, and for taking the time and troiuble to help.
  4. droonbait

    droonbait Private E-2

    I need to post a follow-up to my previous post, as on reflection I may have effected a change to my system.

    After reading Blackviper's info on the print spooler service, I tried to find the spoolsv.exe file. It would not show up in my Windows/System32 directory lisiting in Explorer, so I did a search on the start button. When spoolsv showed I right clicked on it and hit "Open". Nothing appeared to happen, so I forgot about it, but maybe doing that did kick something into life.

    Any thoughts, anyone?

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