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"Windows Failed to Start" after upgrading RAM?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by GStam66, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. GStam66

    GStam66 Private First Class

    Hey everyone, just tried upgrading my HP Pavilion G6T's RAM, and Windows refuses to start now. The laptop is running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, and currently has 4GB, so I went to Crucial.com to get 8GB, used their scanner tool, which recommended this memory to me.

    Part Number: CT3326415

    Module Size: 8GB Kit (4GBx2)
    Package: 204-pin SODIMM
    Feature: DDR3 PC3-10600
    Specs: DDR3 PC3-10600 • CL=9 • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR3-1333 • 1.35V • 512Meg x 64 •

    All the numbers seemed to match up, so I bought it. Said "Guaranteed Compatible" too. :confused

    Here's the scan results as well:


    After a bunch of failed attempts, I just threw my old RAM in, and after a Startup Repair, the laptop loaded up fine.

    Any ideas as to what happened or how I can successfully upgrade the RAM?
  2. Rikky

    Rikky Wile E. Coyote - One of a kind

    To be clear you've upgraded from one module of 4gb to 12gb total, or just one 4gb stick of crucial for 8gb total?

    Have to tried just one 4gb module of the corsair memory in the slot your old memory was? Does it work? If not disconnect from the AC,press power button to drain remaining power then locate a small coin shaped battery and remove for 20 secs then replace, reconnect AC and try to boot with just one stick of crucial in dimm 0, then try the same stick in all the other slots.

    If you have your motherboard manual handy it will list where a single stick of memory should be inserted,usually any will do.

    Can you post he name of your computer make and model, if it's custom built post the model of your motherboard, also on the side of your old memory will be a sticker can you post all the information from that also, if there's no sticker read the info from the side of ne of the chips:)
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2012
  3. GStam66

    GStam66 Private First Class

    I'm upgrading from 2 sticks of 2GB (4GB total), to 2 sticks of 4GB (8GB total). The laptop is an HP Pavilion G6T-1a00 CTO Notebook PC, product number LM836AV. Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. 8GB should be the maximum memory the motherboard can take, according to HP and all the other resources I've checked.

    I've tried every memory stick configuration possible (first stick in first slot, first stick in second slot, second stick in first slot, second stick in second slot, first in first and second in second, first in second and second in first, etc). Tried removing and re-installing the battery as well, no go.

    All I would get was either a BSOD when I only had 1 stick in, or a continuous loop of "windows failed to start" when I had both sticks in.

    The BSOD I got was IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. And a different one, with the middle word as "POOL".

    I reinstalled my old memory and after an eternity of Windows Startup Repair, it loaded up fine.

    It's just weird that all the numbers match up, yet my laptop refuses to boot with the new memory. One of my friends said he's pretty positive that I just received bad memory, but what are the odds that both sticks I got were faulty?

    I've attached pics of the old memory.

    Attached Files:

  4. Rikky

    Rikky Wile E. Coyote - One of a kind

    Can you confirm the memory is visible in bios and all 8gb are recognised, I've read your manual and it does state that 4gb modules can be used so it's unlikely to be that but shouldn't be ruled out an ideal test would be a different 4gb module but I doubt you have one lying around.

    There are two bios updates for your computer so I would recommend you update the bios to the latest version first, put your old memory in for the bios updates.

    Shame it's a laptop there are few settings that can be changed, one thing I would alter is the amount of memory available to the onboard video card set it as high as it can go.

    I would also recommend you update your video driver again from HP's site.

    Also try and start in safe mode tap F8 as the computer is booting, if you manage to get it working with the new memory in safe mode check that windows recognises all 8gb using task manager or control panel/system. If you wish you can also run memtest to check the stability of the memory, run it with your working memory then run it in safe mode with the new memory.

    These are all basically shots in the dark, as far as I can tell that memory should work. If you have just one stick of the new memory do you get the same error with both sticks? If the error is different then I would agree the sticks could be bad although this it's very unlikely.
  5. GStam66

    GStam66 Private First Class

    I havent tried loading in safe mode, the laptop just gets to the HP logo and then i get the "windows failed to start" screen.

    Yes, the BSOD errors are different, I forgot to take a picture of the other ones. I believe I got 3 different ones total.
  6. the mekanic

    the mekanic Major Mekanical Geek

    You could try running MemTest from a bootable disc to check the memory. You never know sometimes. Even Crucial, whom I swear by, is run by humans. When the test runs, any red bit is bad.

  7. GStam66

    GStam66 Private First Class

    Hey, I'd like to thank everyone for their input. :)

    The tech at Crucial was able to diagnose the issue over the phone, and basically the issue was that my laptop had an older model motherboard, and the BIOS releases haven't addressed the compatibility issue with newer memory, so they sent me a lower density memory.

    Just popped it in about an hour ago, ran some tests, and everything's good.

    Never really heard of density when looking at memory, so I'm doing my research now to learn me some things. :cool
  8. Rikky

    Rikky Wile E. Coyote - One of a kind

    Thanks for the update, yup that makes total sense regarding the density of the memory, sorry I didn't bring that point up I should have caught it. BTW that's not your motherboards fault it's Crucials:-D

    But glad you got it fixed:)
  9. drashi17

    drashi17 Private E-2

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  10. LauraR

    LauraR MajorGeeks Super-Duper Administrator Staff Member

    Hello and welcome to Major Geeks.

    In order to get help and replies, you should start your own thread with your issue and all the details.

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