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Windows Media Player won't play music CDs?

Discussion in 'Software' started by Skyline_UK, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Skyline_UK

    Skyline_UK Private E-2

    I just upgraded from XP to Windows 7 64bit. Windows Media Payer won't play ordinary music CDs, even though the Help says it does ?!?! When I had XP my music CDs played fine. Am I missing something here?
  2. iain.t

    iain.t MajorGeek

    do you have any sound at all on your machine?? have you tried using a different player?? as you have said you have just upgraded from xp to 7 was this a clean install or a MS downloaded upgrade??
    Can you also give us a bit more info on your machine i.e... make/model or custom built, http://majorgeeks.com/Speccy_d6358.html , download this and post the log.

    iain.t :major
  3. Caliban

    Caliban I don't need no steenkin' title!

  4. Skyline_UK

    Skyline_UK Private E-2

    Thanks guys. I have sound ok - it's primarily a home recording studio PC using Sonar. Sonar works perfectly, Media Player plays music from its library, etc., etc. The only thing that isn't working is WMedia Player says it hasn't got the right codec when I put an ordinary music CD into the drive. What's odd is that my laptop is Windows 7 and Media Player plays music CDs quite happily. Is there a way to reinstall the WMP?

    Even odder: my iTunes won't play anything now... whether that's connected or not I don't know. :mad

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