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Windows update KB2564958 fails to install

Discussion in 'Software' started by mazaprin, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. mazaprin

    mazaprin Private E-2

    I use Windows XP Professional with SP3 and for more than 2 weeks I have been trying to install windows security update KB2564958 and i will fail to install giving error code 0x80246007. I looked up this error code online and it means “NOT DOWNLOADED” but I am sure it was downloaded because I went directly to microsoft.com and looked up the stand alone of this update and downloaded it and my download manager showed the progress bar downloading 744 KB which I saved to desktop but when I tried to onstall it the setup was interrupted at the beginning saying “Setup was cancelled”.

    I have scanned my pc with Spybot, Malwarebytes, Superantispyware, Norton Security suite and they found no viruses or troyans at all (note that I don’t have any antispyware actively monitoring on task-bar I use all of them manually to scan so there is no conflicts).

    I ran Chkdsk and found no errors. I ran Registry First Aid and clea-ned the registry to no avail, this up-date will not install. There must be some bug or this update was corrupted since they offered it. I have tried several options that I found online and did not solve the issue. My Norton protection and all other softwares never interfered with Microsoft Updates.

    I contacted Microsoft support and after they gave me a list of several options to solve the problem that I followed to the letter to no avail they asked me to use (and pay) phone support and I replied to them that Microsoft offers FREE complete support for problems related to Windows security updates and I refuse to pay for that support. That was a week ago and they have not responded at all they left me on my own.

    I don’t know if some of you have had problems trying to install this update but if you found a solution please share it with us.
  2. falconattack

    falconattack Command Sergeant Major

  3. mazaprin

    mazaprin Private E-2

    Sorry for the delay in posting I have been very busy. Thanks for that suggestions but I already tried it and downloaded the .bat repair file and did not solve anything. Also I already mentioned that I tried to update manually downloading the file and then when I clicked on it on my desktop the setup window came up and I click "install" and it started the process but 2 or 3 seconds after it started it abruptly closed with a message saying "setup was cancelled".

    The first time i contacted suppoprt via microsoft website the tech contacted me by email with a series of options (including the one you suggested) which I followed to no avail and when I told the tech these didn't work he replied to me that it would be better for me to contact support by phone which was not free depending on my PC warranty (as if my pc or system was at fault!) or that i could continue with emails.

    I responded that I will not pay for support because microsoft always has stated that concerning any windows security updates the support is free regardless of any warranties of your pc and that I suspect that this particular update has some bug or is corrupted from the very release. I checked my PC with every antivirus and several first rate antimalwares ran checkdisk (no errors were found) and my pc is free of viruses malware and errors and all the other updates installed without problems only this one keeps failing to install.

    After I sent them that email a week ago they have not responded me so I went to microsoft website and opened a new ticket for exactly the same issue but with a diferent name and email address and I received email saying my ticket was recieved and a tech will contact me within 48 hours. It has been 4 days and still have not gotten response from any tech and I even send a new email complaining about not receiving the support and got no response at all from microsoft.
  4. genao

    genao Private E-2

    I have exactly the same problem; I tried all solutions Mazaprin did without any success! I have not still ask microsoft help; I'd like to know if somebody found a solution...
    The only other funny thing i got is a difficulty to update the microsoft netframework, but it has been corrected automatically;letting a lot of files, that I don't know they are all usefull really and the size of Windows XP on my computer is over 15go...:confused
  5. mdonah

    mdonah Major Geek Extraordinaire

    If you're both running Spybot S & D, disable the "Tea Timer" sitting in the System Tray. Spybot HAS caused Windows Updates installation failures (I know — I used to run Spybot).

    Also, go into Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel and place a checkmark in the Show Updates box at the top and scroll down to XP Updates and see if the update isn't already listed (see attached).


    That 15GB you say Windows occupies concerns me. Windows XP shouldn't occupy anywhere near that much disk space even with all the "bells & whistles" (see attached SpaceSniffer.jpg).

    Attached Files:

  6. genao

    genao Private E-2

    thank you for reply...but although I tried all what you suggest, I have still the same problem. The KB2564958 does'nt appear in "add" or remove programs", but is curiously present in catroot (windows_system32_catroot); I tried to suppress it and reinstall the KB after, but it hasn't worked. In fact it bother me especially to install skype, because I read windows has to be perfectly uptodate to do it.
    Thanks also for "spacesniffer" i helped me to tighten my windows by emptying "Temp"in windows_PCHealth_helpctr_temp ...but for you your Windows seems to be at 4.1gb which is rather normal and quite good by comparison to me !!(still over 10gb)
    best greetings
  7. mdonah

    mdonah Major Geek Extraordinaire

    There must be a lot of temp files and/or cache files on your computer. I suggest you run CCleaner to get rid of those junk files.

    I've read about a lot of people having problems with Skype, especially the latest version. But, since I don't use Skype, I'm afraid I can't help you with it.

    As far as KB2564958, did you turn off Windows Firewall before trying to install it (as suggested in this Forum thread)?
  8. genao

    genao Private E-2

    I run CCleaner quite often; but I have not still configure it to empty the caches. Of course I stopped my comodo, antivir and spybot to try to install the KB but it doesn't work; even if it's present in the catroot folder. In fact i found a soluce to cleanup the windows update installer, (see attached file) but I'll try to do it just after back up "my documents"
    I might use netmeeting for videoconference if still works, but I am not sure my lawyer can do it ! Microsoft seems to want to impose "skype" ...when you install it it looks like it explore the whole computer, and when I try to connect, it answers "impossible" after 10mn ! I don't like it too much ! ciao-ciao

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