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Winlogon.exe error / ActivClient

Discussion in 'Software' started by mithras_angel, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. mithras_angel

    mithras_angel Private E-2

    First, this is not a malware issue. I've scanned the computer in question multiple times.

    Situation is as follows:

    The machine boots normally.

    I then install ActivClient 6.2 on the machine. Typical install (custom install went no better).

    The install completes fine. No reboot is required. All ActivClient components work fine. I then install the drivers for a card reader. This goes just fine as well. No reboot required. I can then plug in my CAC card and go to my test sites. Everything works.

    When I reboot the machine, it gives a winlogon.exe error. Ok / Cancel are the only options. Clicking either, the machine bluescreens.

    When I uninstall ActivClient, it goes back to booting normally; no issues.

    Thinking it was my ActivClient install, I acquired a different install. Same results.
  2. mithras_angel

    mithras_angel Private E-2

    Exact error is:

    winlogon.exe - Application error
    The exception unknown software (0x06d0007e) occurred in the application at location 0x7cc812afb.
  3. shrapicus

    shrapicus Private E-2

    I am having this exact same problem and have had no luck fixing it. I tried uninstalling Activclient and removing drivers and registry entries, etc and reinstalling but with the same result.

    It does appear that the problem only shows up on one type of desktop I work with here which is an HP dc7100 CMT. Perhaps I need to update the BIOS? I'll keep looking.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Delaron

    Delaron Private E-2

    As I have been working with Activclient extensively, and run into these issues, I will share my results for this type of issue...

    One method I have used to fix the blue screen winlogon.exe issue is:
    1: Install the software, reboot
    2: Let it fail, bsod, if a popup box says winlogon.exe error, hit one of the buttons to get it to bluescreen
    3: F8 upon bootup to boot from last known working ...
    4: Login, and do the following:
    cmd prompt
    navigate to c:\program files\common files\actividentity\
    ac.sharedstore.exe -regserver
    regsvr32.exe ac.sharedstoreps.dll

    This will restart the 'shared store' service, and then you should be good to go.

    EDIT: You will have to repeat this process after applying any hotfix to the software if a base install of the software gives a winlogon.exe failure by default. (IE after installing hotfix, reboot, let it bsod, boot F8 last known working config, ac.sharedstore fix...)
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2010
  5. MRY

    MRY Private E-2

    Delaron's suggestion has only worked for me on one computer. One solution that I've had success with on multiple computers is to do the following:
    1) In McAfee, disable Access Protection in McAfee VE, and go into the McAfee HIPS console and disable HIPS and NIPS. Leave McAfee VE open on the page to disable Access Protection, because it will periodically (relatively quickly) re-enable itself if you're using standard policies, and you'll want to disable it again right away.
    2) Uninstall all versions of Microsoft Visual C++ 2005, and any associated updates.
    3) Uninstall all Roxio software (at least the older software that had a dependency on MS Visual C++ 2005 is definitely a culprit, not sure about the newer software). Reboot.
    4) Leave ActivCard Gold v2.2 on the computer. Run the setup for ActivClient v6.2 and let it upgrade ActivCard Gold. Don't restart yet!!
    5) Check the registry at HKLM\software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon and make sure that there are no leftover registry values for gina.dll (especially if the value is acmsgina.dll - that value is the culprit). The gina.dll value does not need to be in the winlogon key anymore, and sometimes this value is not being removed by the uninstaller. If this wasn't removed and you have an error for a missing acmsgina.dll on reboot, you will neet to boot into Safe Mode with Command Prompt and copy \Windows\System32\msgina.dll to acmsgina.dll, then you will be able to boot up normally and log back in, and then go into the registry to delete that value.
    6) Reboot and install ActivClient v6.2 Install device drivers as well if necessary. Reboot again.
    7) You should not get the winlogon.exe error on reboot (with Visual C++ 2005 and Roxio out of the way). Log in and test/configure ActivClient.
    8) Remember to reinstall Visual C++ 2005 from the latest VC redistributable, and run Windows Update. Also reinstall Roxio.

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