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Wireless Network Connection No Internet

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by protak, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. protak

    protak Private E-2

    Network connection shows wireless as connected yet can not get to internet
    - laptop xp using dell wireless card, this connection previously worked without issues, can not pinpoint what was changed since.

    Some info :

    -disabled wireless encryption still same does not work
    -LAN conection works fine from laptop
    -wireless from other computers works fine
    -when looking at wireless connected on laptop, able to see ip address, subnet msk, ssid, etc.
    -when logged into modem/router can not see the wireless connection for this laptop ?

    Please advise ?
  2. Caliban

    Caliban I don't need no steenkin' title!

    Greetings, protak.

    Possible ethernet driver corruption? You might try reinstalling anything ethernet as a longshot - Dell should be able to provide the correct software if you plug in your service tag #.

    And you've probably already disabled any proxy settings in Internet Options/Connections? And, the obvious: have you tried another browser?
  3. protak

    protak Private E-2

    Thanks for the response but dont fully understand, are you saying my ethernet driver may be affecting my wireless access ?
    My wired connection is working fine from laptop, its only my wireless connection that can not connect to internet.

    I assume proxy setting and browser not issue since works when plugged into ethernet.
  4. Caliban

    Caliban I don't need no steenkin' title!

    I was thinking that a reload of your drivers might correct something we're not seeing. You're right, though: proxy and browser probably aren't the issue.

    Just grabbing at straws.

    Any way you can get hold of a wireless dongle, see if your symptoms change?
  5. protak

    protak Private E-2

    Unfortunately no access to wireless dongle ...
    Any other suggestions ?
    I have original Del resource cd so reinstalled the network drivers but does not make any difference.

    Just wondering ,should i maybe have created this post under software ?
  6. Caliban

    Caliban I don't need no steenkin' title!

    No, I'd leave it here: even though there may be root software causes, it's still a networking problem.

    Be patient: the gurus will see your thread, and I'm sure someone will help you out - there are some good people here.
  7. protak

    protak Private E-2

    I found problem ...
    In settings of wireless network connection
    under Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)
    It was set to Use the following ip address , changed to Obtain an IP address automatically and save.

    This fixed my issue, dont know how this parm got changed but regardless my wireless is back up and running.

    Thought i would post find in case someone esle runs into issue .. this thred can be closed now.


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