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Wireless networking card/ netgear

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by slice, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. slice

    slice Private E-2

    A customer of ours bought a Netgear wireless card model http://www.netgear.com/products/details/WG511.php/ for his wirless router - http://www.netgear.com/products/details/WGR614.php/ . When I try to insert the card into the available pcmcia slot the laptop freezes completley. Even when I pull the card back out the laptop the touchpad still will not move and the computer is still frozen. I have to push the power button and restart the computer to get it to respond again. I have 512MB Ram / a Pentium processor at 600MHZ/ and run windows XP with 115 MB hard drive space available. I run internet explorer 5.0 as well. The card itself is good as I have installed it in another laptop and it runs fine. The trouble started only after another tech tried to insert the card multiple times / why I don't know and he won't tell me/ the customer had told me this was when it happened. Could this be a hardware issue on the backplane of this card slot. I looked at the 32 pins visible by looking down the slot and they all look good. Please if anyone can help as his job is on the line because our company does not support wirless networking and he should not have touched this customers card.
  2. cat5e

    cat5e MajorGeek

    Some of the newer sophisticated cards do not work with some of the old PCMCIA Buses.

    P-II-600 implies "Old". If you can try another card of another brand.

  3. slice

    slice Private E-2

    Thanks for the help. An older card worked.


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