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Yellow (!) Ethernet Controller after Reformat

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by KayneY, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. KayneY

    KayneY Private E-2

    Hey guys, I'm new to this site but browsing through these threads you guys really know your stuff. I reformatted my old computer with Windows XP due to viruses and all that, and now I can't seem to get my wireless working! I've tried installing numerous drivers but all seem to not work. In my Device Manager I have a yellow (!) on the Ethernet Controller but I have no idea how to figure out what make/model it is since I don't know how to take apart my hard drive.
    Below I've attached my Everest report on my Motherboard and my Network section. If there are any other sections you need please let me know and I'll get it up ASAP! Thank you in advance and I've been up for hours trying to figure his out!!

    My Motherboard Quick Report:

    Attached Files:

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  2. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member


    Your Motherboard is an ASUSP4S533-MX

    LAN driver HERE

    and try this HERE for the Wifi Card, while the chipset that Everest finds is a Marvell dont make cards only the controller chip so just going off your have an ASUS motherboard, took a stab at it being an ASUS wifi card too.

    But if you bought your PC from an OEM branded supplier like eMachines, HP, Dell etc then tell us the make and model of PC as it will help, also you'll be wanting to update to SP3 for XP as your at RTM and it is unsecure.
  3. KayneY

    KayneY Private E-2

    Hey Halo, thanks for the quick reply.

    When I said I tried installing drivers prior to coming here, I tried the exact driver you sent with regarding the LAN driver, and still no avail.

    However, I've yet to try the WIFI driver you sent, but I'm at school so I'll give it a crack when I get back; and also with the motherboard link you sent me, which sections would I download? (Bios, VGA, IDE, etc)

    And I didn't buy the PC from an OEM branded supplier so I think there are a lot of different brands in this stupid computer!

    Thanks in advance
  4. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member


    The link to the Lan and Wifi are direct links, but if you need others then choose your OS version and thats XP then a list will appear and dont need BIOS, VGA is your Graphic Card if onboard, IDE is HDDs but do let us know what in Device Manager has a yellow ! mark next to it? as this will tell us whats missing.

    I would get the IDE driver, which is in SIS terms (SIS is your chipset) is likely the chipset driver and install that and its the top latest one with version code of Version 2.04a , and if you are missing any USB ports then install the SiS USB Enhanced Host Controller V1.02 found in the IDE list of drivers.
  5. KayneY

    KayneY Private E-2

    Hey Halo,

    I'm pretty sure I only have two yellow (!) under device manager; the Multimedia one and Ethernet Controller, I am extremely worried about the Ethernet Controller that is my main concern, as long as I am able to connect to the internet I can figure out the rest from there so I am really hoping this WiFi driver and the rest of the motherboard drivers will be the final piece I am missing! If not and the yellow (!) is still there under Ethernet Controller, I'll reply right back to you. Thanks!
  6. KayneY

    KayneY Private E-2

    Hey Halo, I installed the IDE driver, but I still can't get online.
    I downloaded the WiFi driver, but there is no setup.exe or anything so I don't know how to install that driver, any ideas?
    Is there a chance that my computer is just not recognizing my Wireless Card? If so, do I really have to unscrew everything and manually plug it back in? Because I have no knowledge in that category which would suck big time. Thanks for your patience.

    PS. If this helps, in Device Manager under Network adapters, there is NO yellow (!) next to my SiS 900-Based PCI Faster Ethernet Adapter, but I still have the (!) next to Ethernet Controller.

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